Bernie Sanders wins the Interwebs! Four reasons Bernie can become our President.

Bernie Sanders calls us to account.
Bernie Sanders calls us to account.

The New York Times frets that Hillary’s campaign suffers from “a lack of enthusiasm.” Well yeah, duh! People keep saying that Hillary is “the one,” yet the public keeps demonstrating how reluctant they are to support a chameleon candidate whose views shift according to polls. This enthusiasm gap is handily demonstrated in a major social media platform. I am not a political naif. I started my education in 1969 as a political science major. During these years I shifted my alliances from the right of the Republican Party to the left of the Democratic Party based on the tractor-trailer truckloads of evidence that counters the GOP worldview I was raised on. So here are the four reasons of the day!

First, Bernie is totally electable. He has a statistically significant lead among Facebook followers.

I was just mucking around on the Internet, reading my email, when I found myself at Bernie Sanders’s Facebook page. I was pleased, as a Bernie supporter, to see that he had nearly 2,000,000 that’s TWO MILLION followers. 

by Olivia LaRosa, November 22, 2015

Then I thought I should go see how many followers the other Democratic candidates had. Hillary Clinton has FEWER Facebook followers than Bernie Sanders. That’s right. She has been in politics for 40 years, has nearly limitless money, a lock on the corporate media, and she still has fewer followers than Bernie.

Bernie Sanders for President 1,984,719

Hillary Clinton 1,811,982

So, you are thinking that 170,000 likes aren’t all much of a spread in a nation with 330,000,000 people, and you are right.

OK, let’s go on…

Let’s step back a bit and look at both candidates’ related sites to see how those numbers look:

Senator Bernie Sanders  2,473,389 members

Hillary in 2016 201,257

Hillary Clinton 2016 2,932 members — no, I did not forget to type any numbers here

Let’s figure this:                                     2,473,389

–    201,257

                                                               –        2,932

Bernie’s lead:                                         2,269,200

Going on, we see another

Bernie Sanders for President                     92,393

Unofficial Bernie Sanders for President 115,447

adds up to another 184,706 for Bernie*

Most people in the US have not been offered the opportunity to learn more about Bernie’s ideals and plans. His lead can only grow.

*math approximate. I did not count all the Bernie and Hillary FB pages, only the most prominent

2. Bernie will be able to work with Congress because he will carry Democrats into offices across the nation. 

Many people lament the gridlock in Washington and most of our state capitols. They cannot see how the President can make a difference.

My theory is that the ENTIRE US House of Representatives and a full 1/3 of the Senate is up for re-election. If Bernie’s following continues to grow at these astonishing rates, he will have long electoral coattails. In other words, people who vote for Bernie are not likely to put up with posturing triangulators and fear mongers in other offices. The Republicans and a good many DINOs will be tossed out of office.

Even if they aren’t tossed out, Bernie knows how to work across the aisle without compromising his principles.


3. Bernie’s brand of social democracy builds strong families and strong countries. 

Forget Denmark! Germany’s is a nation of more than 80,000,000. Their social democracy features a form of universal health care. Labor unions share the seats on corporate boards 50/50 with company management. This country is the economic engine of Europe.

Germany’s per capita wealth among the highest in the world, say those crazy loony libs at the CIA.

The benefits that Germans receive, such as health care, at least a month of vacation time, shorter work days and scads of other perks more than make up for the $10K difference in annual income between the USA and Germany per capita. It also allows German families family time to build those family values. Pensions are generous.

Colleges in Germany are FREE for people from all over the world.  Germans enjoy superior elementary education and well-maintained infrastructure. Germans are allergic to waging wars. The cost has been too high. Let’s get our peace dividend and let someone else police the world.



4. Bernie’s Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) Proposal can solve forever our broken taxation system. 

I think that taxes are the price I pay for civilization. Our corporations and our billionaires do not agree. They pay an army of accountants and lawyers to rig the system in their favor.

A Financial Transaction Tax on Wall Street trades would fund free public college for anyone who works hard and gets good grades.

Only the mouthpieces of billionaires like Forbes and Bloomberg see a problem with it. If we take a tiny amount off the top, like .005%, then they cannot hide it in tax “havens.” People who earn great benefits from American workers and consumers should pay it forward, not squirrel it away. If you don’t have it, you can’t hide it!

We could get rid of volumes of tax law that are littered with loopholes. All of those lawyers and accountants could be helping people instead of trying to figure out how to steal “honestly” and cheat our country.

In conclusion, it seems to me that the only obstacles standing in the way of a Sanders Presidency are those without a vision of a peaceful future. You cannot wage war to gain peace. Everybody knows THAT!

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other stuff I have written

some of it is in order…hey, I have ADD

A Blogspot Blog: Political Lobby 10. Was a Yahoo Group from the early 2000s until early 2008, when Yahoo was taken over by the right. We were Democratic to Social Libertarian in our views. The right wing trolls beat up on us for four years that I know of.

Here’s my stories about that otherwise known as if I can’t dance, it isn’t my revolution!

This was a Dogma and me project. Dogma being the lightening fast mind that she was. I lost touch with her as my health deteriorated and I got a call from them that Dogma was very ill. I tried to go up and couldn’t. Too sick myself. Always feel sorry about that.

I have published papers at as Deborah Lagutaris and Olivia LaRosa.

Fact-Based Initiatives

It was in the second year of Bush’s absolutely awful second term and the religious extremists were mobbing our schools and public areas trying to enforce some made-up fundamentalist code of behavior on everyone else.

We had been struggling against a horde of right-wing orcs for more than two years then.We began to detect a pattern in their questions and deduced that source material existed for this.

One Sunday, one of our brave band of progressives went to a local church fair. The Young Republicans were handing out Chat Room Scripts. He provided me with a scanned copy of the Script. I provide it and a transcription HERE.

We chatters just wanted to keep abreast of the news. We were commonly aware of world events four hours or four days before … you get the picture…than the mainstream media reports them. This international group spanned the globe, popular anywhere English was spoken.

I had friends in the UK, Romania, Hungary, Germany, Egypt, Israel, Yemen, (not Saudi Arabia – that place seems just creepy) Lahore, Pakistan, Mumbai, India, Australia, New Zealand (charming people,) Hawaii, and all across North America. Really, you Canadian folk are so polite and advanced and funny. I told my roommates I wanted to be smuggled into Canada. They said, you don’t need to be smuggled into Canada. I said, Well, that’s the way I want to go, so they promised to do it for me. When the trolls weren’t there it was so much fun to chat with these people who were all…so much like me.

That is the biggest lesson I have learned in my decidedly odd life. People are all pretty much alike in their desires. They want to work for decent living that allows time for family activities like swimming, paddle ball, museums and libraries, beach balls, ocean waves, kite-flying at Crissy Field, &c.


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Interesting day on the net

Paul Krugman, Bernie Sanders, and the Experts

I have tremendous respect for Paul Krugman. I also consider him a friend. For these reasons I am not eager to pick a fight with him, but there is something about his criticisms of Bernie Sanders that continues to bother me.

In a blog post last week, Krugman told readers:

“As far as I can tell, every serious progressive policy expert on either health care or financial reform who has weighed in on the primary seems to lean Hillary.”

While I already had some fun with the idea of Krugman revoking the credentials of everyone who works in these areas who does not back Clinton, the appeal to the authority of the “experts” is more than a bit annoying. The reason is that the “experts” do not have a very good track record of late and still have a long way to go to win back the public’s trust.

To start with the obvious, almost none of the experts saw the 2008 collapse coming. Almost all of them dismissed the idea that there was a housing bubble and even the few that grudgingly acknowledged the possibility of a bubble insisted that it could not have much consequence for the economy. /snip

*** Here’s your treat ()()()()()()

eerie…a silent surf – freezing and frozen waves at Nantucket, Massachusetts

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Why the primary system is bad for democracy

Jim Mastin I live in Indiana. During the 2008 Presidential Primary, I had planned on casting my Primary Vote for Dennis Kucinich for the Democratic Nomination …But, Because of the way the process is currently structured …with the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primaries …Barack Obama had became the Democratic Nominee…before Indiana was even allowed to cast its ballets in the Primary. This needs to be changed but, until it is…Don’t be surprised if Hillary walks away with the Democratic Nomination before some (at least Indiana, probably other states) are even permitted to cast a Ballet. This is Really going to Suck.! I really want to vote for Bernie…But, this is a Very Important Election that could garner 2 to 3 Supreme Court Justice picks for the next POTUS. I definitely don’t want to see a Republican make these picks. This will Really be a Bitter Pill to Swallow if I’m forced to place my vote for Hillary. It was Easier voting for Obama in ’08 than this will be…But, it still sucks that I’m not even given a choice. When I vote…Dutifully and Faithfully…only to have a candidate, not of my choosing, being my only given option. This isn’t what Democracy Looks Like.! I may just end up “Writing Bernie In” Instead of Accepting Another Candidate That Is Ordained By Others.! (Ready to be Really Pissed off in Indiana Again)! ……….This picture is Why We Need Bernie………….

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4th Dem Debate: Sneaky bipartisan bill cause for Bernie’s vote on financial instruments of mass destruction

My aim is to clarify the economic issues invoked in this Presidential campaign as they arise. Tell me how I’m doin’. -via at olivialarosa com

In the Sunday night debate, Hillary said that Bernie was the only one on the stage who voted for a bill that allowed derivatives and credit swaps to be traded in secret. True, on its face. So why I am writing about this?

A. Because Bernie was the only one capable of casting a vote in the Senate at that moment in time. Hillary was the First Lady, Martin O’Malley was doing something for Maryland.

B. The bill at hand did not contain the elements that permitted derivatives and credit swaps to be traded in secret. At the last minute, Bill Clinton agreed with Sen. Phil Gramm (R) Texas to add those elements onto an omnibus budget bill. By the way, omnibus means it was it was a huge bill packed with unrelated riders and had to be passed as presented.

C. The ability to trade derivatives and credit swaps in secret constitutes the biggest gamble that Wall Street types have ever taken.

D. Which led directly to the Great Recession.

E. We will never recuperate from those losses, or the unspeakable damage done to the fabric of American, and yes global society.

(I will never forget the expressions that crossed O’Malley’s face when Lester Holt asked him for a 30-second closing statement. Priceless. I like him.)

Read the article by Robert Scheer here:

Hillary Blames Bernie for an Old Clintonite Hustle, and That’s a Rotten Shame

Also see this article at Daily Kos by Diane Reynolds

Deborah Lagutaris (nom de plume) Olivia LaRosa) has a Law and Society Political Science BA from UC Santa Barbara with a minor in 20th century political history. She has a law degree from UC Hastings College of the Law, and is ABT in the LL.M. Taxation – International Taxation and Wealth Management concentrations at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, and a business AA from Bakersfield College. She held responsible positions in the banking, real estate, and mortgage lending industries for 25 years. She took her first politics and economics classes when she was 16.

via at

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Richest 62 people as wealthy as half world’s population combined: you can’t have it all!

Larry Elliott Economics editor

Sunday 17 January 2016 19.01 EST
Last modified on Monday 18 January 2016 03.25 EST

Richest 62 people as wealthy as half world’s population combined

worth saying twice. This is the most inequality humankind has ever suffered. Why? Because corporations are voracious beasts. The inequality will increase.

Tell them that Bernie said, “You can’t have it all.” We the people shall  stop them. ~OL

Oxfam’s prediction that the richest 1% would own the same wealth as the poorest 50% had come true a year earlier than forecast. Photograph: Valery Hache/AFP/Getty Images

Charity says only higher wages, crackdown on tax dodging and higher investment in public services can stop divide widening Oxfam’s prediction that the richest 1% would own the same wealth as the poorest 50% had come true a year earlier than forecast.


Oxfam said that the wealth of the poorest 50% dropped by 41% between 2010 and 2015, despite an increase in the global population of 400m. In the same period, the wealth of the richest 62 people increased by $500bn (£350bn) to $1.76tn.
Number of female billionaires increases sevenfold in 20 years
Read more

The charity said that, in 2010, the 388 richest people owned the same wealth as the poorest 50%. This dropped to 80 in 2014 before falling again in 2015.

This is shocking. There were so many little companies who needed good workers when I was young, in the 50s. The postwar boom lasted until 1973, when the oil embargo began.

Oxfam said a three-pronged approach was needed: a crackdown on tax dodging; higher investment in public services; and higher wages for the low paid. It said a priority should be to close down tax havens, increasingly used by rich individuals and companies to avoid paying tax and which had deprived governments of the resources needed to tackle poverty and inequality.

Three years ago, David Cameron told the WEF that the UK would spearhead a global effort to end aggressive tax avoidance in the UK and in poor countries, but Oxfam said promised measures to increase transparency in British Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies, such as the Cayman Islands and British Virgin Islands, had not been implemented.

Goldring said: “We need to end the era of tax havens which has allowed rich individuals and multinational companies to avoid their responsibilities to society by hiding ever increasing amounts of money offshore.

Read it all HERE

© 2016 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies. All rights reserved.

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Four reasons to go for the Financial Transaction Tax, Bernie Sanders’ proposal to fund public colleges

by Deborah Lagutaris aka Olivia LaRosa, January 6, 2016

Deborah Lagutaris has a Law and Society BA from UC Santa Barbara with a minor in 20th century political history. She has a law degree from UC Hastings College of the Law, and  ABT in the LL.M. Taxation – International Taxation and Wealth Management concentrations at Thomas Jefferson School of Law.

1. The Financial Transaction Tax is the most effective, efficient tax-gathering method. Bernie Sanders proposes FTTs to fund free public college etc. FTT is typically under 1/10th of a percent of chosen gross speculative trades.

2,  Speculation is not a productive economic activity. It’s just gambling activity of the highest order for the .01% and produces nothing for society.

  • Now the US economy is largely made of the profits that rich people make merely by moving their money from one place to another. Big corporations make a lot of money just by moving it around. Good things thereby are not being created; bad things are not being destroyed.

3. The tax you never have in your hand you cannot cheat on.

  • If these big corporations refuse to pay their US taxes, let them pay some other way, a way they can’t lobby away and recapture.

4. A business should not rely on playing tax games to reward its stockholders. In that way, corporations are stealing the money we the people should have for common needs like infrastructure, government, and education.

  • A business should not be in business to take other people’s money and then not perform the job or the act. And then laugh about it and steal some more. A business should not be in business to cheat the US government out of taxes. Corporations have already engineered such elaborate loopholes; they can even become credits.
  • It should be illegal to hide money outside the US that earned with US resources and paid for by US citizens. It is not, as Apple said, a corporation’s duty to evade taxes because of their duty to their stockholders’ pocketbooks. Yeah right. Nice try. It is nothing more than a money tornado sucking up the money of the poor. The rich can never have enough.
There are a lot more reasons. I am just getting started here! Next: Answering objections to the FTT.
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This site claims Fair Use of content from others


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Rightwing Media Report: NJ says-Trump Preaching to Shrinking White Electorate Creates Problems for GOP

The National Journal (NJ) is a right-wing publication in the old style, evoking a time when gentlemen with those not-sexy-at-all muttonchop whiskers respected and followed the rules of debate and eschewed logical errors. Back when I used to be a Republican we considered it one of the gold standards of journalism.

BY Olivia LaRosa, October 20, 2015

Fascinated by the social sciences and economics from age 16 forward, I started college in 1969 seeking a music and political science BA. I got married and quit college after one quarter.  Apparently some people thought I was overly impressed with myself for going to college. Being a shy and modest person, I thought I was doing the grownup thing by gettting into “real life.” That’s what they called it. None of my family had a college education. My mother missed the end of high school during her migration from Michigan to California.

This rightward lurch—behind an almost certainly hopeless cause of constitutional change—captures the core GOP dilemma now unfolding in the party’s nomination contest.  ”

I finally got that political science degree in 2001, and a law degree in 2004. The education I got about grassroots partisan politics was worth as much as my degree. I found out that the Republicans and the right in general have no ethics or standards in their continual grasping for power for the billionaires. I found this out by direct observation of dozens of incidents over my time back in college. I was purely shocked.

The Republican Party has got to go.

I wrote about those experiences for Counterpunch in 2005, How College Republicans and Federalist Socities Operate on Campus. 

That same year, I wrote an article about my quarterly commutes from Santa Barbara and San Francisco to the LA Metropolian area. I had one sticker on my car from 2001 forward. It was a peace sign.

Peace Symbol White with Black Lines
Peace Symbol White with Black Lines

Driving While Peaceful is my story about what can happen to a woman in a modest Toypta Corolla who is keeping up with the traffic on the 5 and being courteous to all who wish to pass. I had moments of pure terror when some mammoth SUV or truck rode my bumper for a mile or two. This is another example of the complete lack of public morals in that sector of the population.

By a lack of public morals, I mean that they seek employment with the government in order to enrich their cronies and conspirators. An officeholder with public morality seeks to preserve the good that has accumulated and protect our public assets and infrastructure. A public employee with public morality does not see taxpayer dollars as an excuse to appropriate it to dad through a no-bid contract (Sen. J. Ernst, Iowa.)

These are your people who think that the end justifies the means. Well, Rightwingers, we American people do not want your means or your ends. We are sorry you can’t get along with others. That does not create in us an obligation to mimic your behavior. (Gov. Chris Christie, N.J.)

So, I digressed. So, I am always switched on to politics and economics, as a lifelong habit. So anyway, I set up news alerts for the College Republicans and The Federalist Society. Most of their metier consists snarky hit-pieces that are shared across their (What? We don’t have a network!) network.

So here’s what the smart Republicans are saying:

Trump Preaching to Shrinking White Electorate Creates Problems for GOP

His anti-immigrant rhetoric and visceral stance on citizenship rights are forcing Republicans into opposing corners.

Donald Trump addressing the Trumpettes. Credit-National Journal

In a flashback to 1996, here’s Bob Dole on the Citizenship Provision of the 14th Amendment,  that en­sured cit­izen­ship for all U.S.-born chil­dren, re­gard­less of their par­ents’ im­mig­ra­tion status.

”For gen­er­a­tions, white chil­dren of white im­mig­rants, re­gard­less of their status, en­joyed cit­izen­ship,” one re­port­er said to him, ac­cord­ing to The New York Times. ”Now that the new im­mig­rants are black and brown, would you sup­port a con­sti­tu­tion­al amend­ment deny­ing them cit­izen­ship?” Dole’s reply was un­equi­voc­al: “No.”

This author is also saying that the meat of Trump’s support is among Republicans without a college education. Talk about Karma! In 1970 Lewis F. Powell, future Supreme Court Justice authored the plan the right has followed to force our public schools into abject poverty. The very people the Right did not want to educate are doing them in with their ignorance and hate of change imparted to them in our disgraceful elementary and high schools.

Here’s another tidbit:

The Re­pub­lic­an elect­or­al co­ali­tion now re­lies on pre­pon­der­ant ma­jor­it­ies from the groups most un­settled by demo­graph­ic and cul­tur­al change: older, non-col­lege and rur­al whites. There are no longer enough of those voters to guar­an­tee Re­pub­lic­ans a na­tion­al ma­jor­ity: that’s why Demo­crats have won the pop­u­lar vote in five of the past six pres­id­en­tial elec­tions.

Conclusion: the Republican Party has got to go. We can no longer afford to babysit these rightwingers who have no interest in governing, or show outright hostility to government. Take them out of the sandbox and let’s get cracking building a USA that lives up to the hype.

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