Bloviating Buchanan Rises Again: or is it could it be DANA CARVEY’S GRUMPY OLD MAN?

Braden dodges questions then wonders why people don’t believe politicians.

But Buchanan was more prepared to talk about the Iran deal and why he is opposed.

Having taken a symbolic vote against the Iran deal on Friday, Buchanan explained to residents why he was against it, referring to a meeting he had with the prime minister of Israel and the minister of defense of Saudia Arabia.

“Both of them said, ‘This is a horrible deal,’ in fact the prime minister of Israel said historically this is one of the worst deals you could possibly ever do,” Buchanan said. “You don’t always necessarily get what you want, but to cut a deal with someone you don’t trust … if you can’t trust the person on the other side, if you can’t trust Iran, it’s not worth the paper it’s written on.”

Look me straight in the eye and tell me you don’t want me. Then I will know what to do. 

Only one or two of these sentences have a subject and an object, or a subject and object whether or not they agree.

Help me out here. So Buchanan took a meeting with Binky and Barky and all of um said not to trust the udda guy so it was a bad deal, see? Which really meant they hadn’t gotten their vigorish, know what I mean? They didn’t get their beak wet.

This is why we need a civil service. People who are paid a living wage tend to be more stable and better members of a community. When too many people start moving around, the entire neighborhood is disrupted. Someone figure that out for me, please. The tipping point, as it were.

I think we are at another tipping point. The parodies and caricatures of the right and left are mere puppet theatre.

Our children should be able to reach higher than we. We regard it as our charge. If our child chooses another path to joy, we want to be there too.

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The scary empleomaniacs in our midst: Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Scott Walker (eww!) and the lessers, Rand Paul, etc.

Olivia LaRosa, August 29, 2014

“A strong effort should be made to extirpate the empleomania, the eternal place-hunting, which is the bane of Spain.” — The Times (London), 3 Aug. 1854

this word tends to be used for people who really, really, really want to be elected. Empleomania is borrowed directly from a Spanish word, which is a combination of empleo (employment or public office) and –mania. More at *1)

  1. Definition:

: a mania for holding public office

About the Word: One might very well make the argument that any person who chooses to subject themselves to the myriad indignities of fund-raising, going door to door to meet constituents, and offering their name for an elected office suffers from a form of empleomania. However, this word tends to be used for people who really, really, really want to be elected. Empleomania is borrowed directly from a Spanish word, which is a combination of empleo (employment or public office) and –mania.

I have often mulled how many people were elected Student Body President in high school who have gone on to totally disrupt our barely functional political system.

Far too often, these high school student body officers grew proud in their elected position and far too fond of having a title. This is what we call running for political office in order to BE SOMEONE.

The alternative to those who are seeking to BE SOMEONE is those who run because they seek to DO SOMETHING to better our human existence.

I think that several of our Presidential candidates are empleomaniacs.

Jeb Bush (oblivious)

Ben Carson (lost in the woods)

Chris Christie (evil incarnate)

Hillary Clinton (why?)

Ted Cruz (ewwww! code blue!)

Carly Fiorina (hisssssssssssss!)

John Kasich (phony baloney compassionate conservative bankster)

Barack Obama (the co-optator)

Martin O’Malley (not quite the thing)

Rand Paul (is the toupee real or fake?)

Donald Trump (there’ll be hell toupee! He’s no loser!)

Scott Walker (ewww!)

NOT empleomaniacs

Bernie Sanders

Harry Truman

Gerald Ford

Jimmy Carter

Past empleomaniacs

Richard Nixon*

Ronald Reagan

John F. Kennedy*

Franklin Delano Roosevelt*

*Those whose political viewpoints changed and they became DO SOMETHINGS because of new information.

NSFW: take a look at the Libertarian Republic website. Easy to figure out why it exists, eh? The guys who couldn’t make it through political science and civics courses found a way to take it easy. The women do all the work.

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Almost-not-fake brain tissue helps understand this most mysterious organ

By Olivia LaRosa

We know more about space than we know about our own bodies. What happens within our skin is the biggest mystery of all. Everyone is different, and that means that some groups of people are less resistant to that particular disease than others.

The mere fact that we can identify these tendencies earlier all the time is a miracle. It enables we injured and disabled people to seek out and share meaningful support during the hard times. In the good times, we can celebrate!

The more we know about the brain the more amazing we find its properties.

During my lifetime scientists have discovered DNA and decoded the human genome. The results of this work stagger the imagination. So many stories to examine against new evidence and critical analysis…where do we start? What are our criteria?

Here’s the fascinating story.

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August 2, 2015 stream of ideas

From the Guardian UK, US Edition Friday, July 24, 2015

Young women, give up the vocal fry and reclaim your strong female voice

youtube: listen to vocal fry

In rebuttal:

Naomi Wolf misses the point about ‘vocal fry’. It’s just an excuse not to listen to women

And they are both right. I did not have a great speaking voice as a young woman. Nevertheless I kept seeking and accepting opportunities to lead organizations from my Brownie Girl Scout (5-7 years old) days forward, thinking that I could work in the background and not have to talk much.

As a child I played with how I sounded. There were speech “fads” that came and went up until I graduated from high school. Then I settled down to an ordinary voice.

In my 20s I began to listen to myself. I sounded nasal, with little intonation, and just talked too darn fast. I joined a speaking club but refused to tape and listen to my speech because I did not care to hear myself. It wasn’t that bad…I have always been a perfectionist. I had to cure myself of that.

Although I did not practice, per se, I consciously slowed myself down. That slowing allowed me to think about how I moved my mouth around each word. At the end of my three years in my Bank Speaking Club I served as President and received an award for the most humorous speech.

All this time I was unconsciously soaking up sounds from the tens of thousands of people I was to encounter in the next 40 years.

Then I had to get upper dentures, and thus learn to speak all over again. The dentures were in the way of my tongue. People were unable to understand me on the phone. I worked for two years to eliminate the lisp.

I met a man in 2013 through Craigslist. I placed a w for m date ad. Out of the hundred or so replies I received, he was first in line. We spoke on the phone before we met. His voice arrested me right away. It took me a moment to regain my composure enough to say, Hi. He noticed, he confessed just last month. He heard me gulp.

His experience was this: my voice was so devoid of accent that I could have been born in any country. He couldn’t tell anything about me other than that I was a sophisticated and articulate speaker. I could have come from anywhere.

I win 95% of my arguments now, without resorting to threats :)


Everyday health, July 27, 2015

5 Cold Soups for Hot Summer Days

I was hoping for a new gazpacho recipe and struck gold!


Exemption Requirements – 501(c)(3) Organizations

An update to IRS code 501(c)(3) means it’s easy and less expensive now to establish and maintain your own Tax Exempt Charitable Organization.

As long as your organization is formed and used for a tax exempt purpose, you can significantly increase your ability to benefit from your labor.

The application is now 4 pages. It used to be 22 pages.

The IRS Application Fee is $400 instead of $700.

One recent client received her 501(c)(3) approval within a month. It used to take 6 months.

Here’s the catch. Getting your application right the first time is very important.

Learn how at a weekly workshop in Park at TBD.



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Local Bernie 2016 supporters to hold “Organizing Kickoff” Wednesday July 29, 2015

Bernie Sanders for President –

Local Bernie 2016 supporters to hold“Organizing Kickoff”Wednesday July 29, 2015

Event in Oakland, one of over 2,000 similar events happening simultaneously across the country

Bernie Sanders, Senator and Democratic Presidental Candidate
Bernie Sanders, Senator and Democratic Presidental Candidate

WHAT: Local supporters of Bernie 2016 will host an “Organizing Kickoff.” We will watch a live video message from Sen. Sanders and sign up to join teams that will organize locally and nationally throughout the 2016 campaign. The local gathering is one of more than 2,000 similar events happening nationwide, with more than 70,000 signed up to attend, making the kickoff the largest event of the 2016 election to date.

WHO: Some local supporters of Bernie Sanders. Members of Lake Neighbors, Cleveland Heights, Next Door Park and friends have been invited to attend this event on the rooftop garden at Park Blvd. and Cleveland, weather permitting.

WHEN: Wednesday July 29th, 2015, gathering at 7:00PM to watch the 7:30 Livestream Video.

 Need volunteers for setup, takedown, and escort through the building! I am disabled.

 If there is a demand, we will also show the Livestream at 4:30PM esp for Cleveland Heights.

 Limited Capacity! RSVP to Deborah Lagutaris

 WHERE: Rooftop garden at Cleveland St. & Park Blvd. weather permitting, otherwise in laundry room. Exact address upon RSVP.

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Latest National Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Beating Scott Walker, Donald Trump, Jeb Bush

Polling on both sides shows voters are not happy with the status quo.

A just released CNN poll finds Sanders out-polling all of the GOP’s major candidates, though pretty much tied with Jeb Bush. Here’s how Sanders stacks up:

BUSH: 47%


TRUMP: 38%
If you limit the poll sample to just registered voters, Bush defeats Sanders by a single point.
Either way, this credible poll suggests that Sanders is not just some pie in the sky general election candidate. His more uphill battle may be the primary. But even there, he has some strengths. Polling out last week shows he’s the only candidate from either side who has a net favorability rating.

Please read the rest here:

Latest National Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Beating Scott Walker, Donald Trump, Jeb Bush



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Election Notes 2016: NYT saves valuable web space by shutting down comment section on Scott Walker’s announcement

It grieves me to report that we commenters at the New York Times were given so little opportunity to weigh in with our views on the newest announced Republican candidate for President of the United States (hereinafter POTUS) Scott Walker.

The Times closed the comments section after only 63 posts. I do have to say that the commenters were remarkably consistent in expressing their utter disdain for the delusional Walker. I must compliment him on his skillfully executed word salad, but I can’t think of any other reason to support him.

Riding a motorcycle and destroying the fine Wisconsin state education system do not impress more than a few million people as commendable acts for a candidate to run on.

Here it is


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Four things are rotten in the State of Iowa (but one good)!

by Olivia LaRosa, June 13, 2015 from  Maggie Haberman and Jonathan MartinWith Candidates Staying Out, Iowa Straw Poll Dies, New York Times

Read yesterday, late, that Iowa has cancelled it’s First in the Nation “Straw Vote.” The New York Times said, With (mostly the large field of Republican) Candidates Staying Out, Iowa Straw Poll Dies. This is the official reason the Straw Vote, otherwise called a Caucus, is being dumped.

I think the truth is more complicated.

One, the Iowa Caucus results in 2008 lit the fire under the first Obama Presidential Campaign. Iowa’s early winners can end up at the bottom of the pile. Look at Michelle Bachmann. Neither Republics or Democrats want that to happen again. Hillary is finding that Bernie, the only candidate telling it like it is, may force her to abandon her corporate masters, at least during the campaign.

You know what they say about a constituent’s hell: it’s heaven, until after the votes are counted. We lose, corporations win.

Two, Bernie Sanders’ candidacy has created much more interest in both the campaigns and elections. The more people who hear Sanders’ messages, the more whose hearts will be moved.

Three, Joni Ernst’s Roast and Ride was a big flop, I bet. No one wants to think about hog castration when they look at at a Senator. Plus, she never says much that invites conversation, it appears.

Four, wouldya take a look at the Republican field? They have nothing to say to us that we haven’t heard a million times. They have nothing to say to us that we haven’t been forced to try before.

For example, we have seen now what happens when we cut taxes. The elite claims that when we cut taxes they make jobs for us. If that were the case, we should be ROLLING in jobs right now, after cutting the percentage of money that rich people pay and increasing the percentage that the middle class has to pay. (1

Where do the Republicans get the money to cut taxes for the rich? Well, they get it from imposing higher taxes and fees on the middle class. The rest of us are so damn broke we can’t pay attention. Even if they levy some new fee, we can’t pay it. <snark>If we had lawns, we would be arrested for not mowing them often enough, if we lived in Waco, TX. What is it with Waco? And what’s up with that Kalief Browder who committed suicide after spending 3 years in Riker’s Island without being charged? He was innocent of all crimes, but he couldn’t raise bail. Maybe he should just be thankful we let him out.</snark>

Some of us believed it when the Republic Party said it held the moral high ground and that the Vietnam War was a good war, so as morally high-grounded youth we joined the Republican Party. That only lasted about 3 years. After Watergate, I started searching for answers about why my party had to resort to burglary to win an election. I began to learn about all the dirty deals and dirty tricks Republicans played on the American taxpayer.

Republicans talk about Democrats being corrupt. Some of them are, but when they steal from us their goals are modest. They may want a summer house or a mink stole. Nixon, on the other hand, would not stand by and lose the Presidential Election in ’52 and again in 1960, so he bribed the VietCong to stay away from the bargaining table until he was elected. The moral bankruptcy of the Republics, hyping the burglars and the Iran-Contra criminals as patriotic role models has turned their party into nothing more than a spiked punchbowl.

One good thing, though, I must say. Rick Santorum held a campaign event in Iowa and the only one who showed was the head of the County Republican Party. Most of average intelligence would decide to dock their campaign ship for good. Let’s see what the less than smart will do.


1) Carly “just call me Daisy” Fiorino went out to Iowa, tyed a designer gingham blouse over her jeans, jumped up on a wagon, and told her poor little rich magnate story about having to pay taxes in 13 states. That is on her $248 Billion portfolio. Each extra state’s tax costs her about $100. Rich people problems everywhere were turn. Gasp. If I pay state tax in 13 different states, will I become an absurdly rich complainer? See how I avoided that?



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Senator Rand Paul’s appalling views on disabled people clash with the facts 6 ways

This opinion about the disabled is disgraceful and embarrassing.

Rand Paul wants to divide Social Security recipients by demonizing Americans living with disabilities – “You know, over half the people on disability are either anxious or their back hurts. Join the club.”

Mr. Paul, you are a physician. I am sure that you have seen people with rheumatoid arthritis, degenerated hips, lumbar stenosis, ankylosing spondilitis, degenerative disc disease, and other terrible musculo-conditions that cause suffering 24 hours a day. It isn’t like you say. You imply that back pain is a trifling condition.

Politifact grades your comments with an F for FALSE. 

Glenn Kessler, the fact checker at the Washington Post, gives you 3 Pinocchios for wildly inaccurate stats. I mean, your numbers aren’t even close to being true. That’s pretty lame; a sign of sloppy thinking.

Do we really want someone as lazy as you to be our President? Do we really want someone as mean as you as our President?

On the average, people who are granted SSDI and SSI die within 5 years. These benefits to not constitute a vacation for us. People wait years and go through all of their savings. Some don’t make it. They die or commit suicide.

It is incredibly difficult to get approved for Social Security Disability Insurance. Take me, say. I was a passenger in a car hit head by an old heavy Chevy Van in 1982. I was not allowed to return to work until 6 months after the accident. I have had six surgeries on my legs since then.

Fast-forward to 2007. I had no health insurance and no money to pay for medical expenses. My back was constantly seizing up. My legs failed me often. I bought a motorized scooter so I could run errands.

Fast forward to 2011. So many nights, I would be sitting at my desk, when I would notice the pain creeping up from my legs and eventually gripping my entire body. I could not think. If I ventured out of the house, I would be in severe pain for the next two days. My hips ached and pain shot from them down my legs.

I was found disabled by the Social Security Admin. I began to receive SSI payments. My disabilities are severe and persistent. No one questions why I don’t have a job when they hear what’s wrong with me.

By October of 2013, I was in so much pain that I could not sit in any chair. I was confined to my bed for six months, hoping that rest would restore me. Didn’t happen. People refused to believe my descriptions of my symptoms, because they varied. The one consistent sign about my condition was the 8-10 level pain and ache in my entire lower body.

In April of 2014, I finally got an MRI promised to me in December. I had a condition I had never heard of. Lumber stenosis with severe neurogenic claudication. That is Latin for “This thing hurts like a son of a gun.”

Stenosis conditions are managed by steroid shots and a complicated list of pharmaceuticals that keep the pain down for a while. I also have moderate cervical spine stenosis.

This condition squeezes and puts pressure on the spinal cord. The squeeze is on several different places. The symptoms can vary for that reason.

I have reached the limit on steroid shots for a year. I have to work from my bed. I can’t let my tax clients down.

I am too fragile to move myself to another residence. I rarely leave my home. I also suffer from degenerative arthritis in my hips. I cannot walk further than one block from my house.

My SSDI disability claim has been languishing in the appeal process for 4 years now.

The reason my case is in appeal status is that I made my claim more than two years after the last date I was employed by someone else. Modest earnings from self-employment income that I paid taxes on does not count.

I have it soooo easy. Wanna change places?

So many people who are disabled are excluded from SSDI benefits because of that 2-year rule. It should be repealed. Illnesses don’t suddenly appear conveniently before that 2-year deadline. Some injuries take decades to disable us, like mine did. I worked as long as I could. You really wouldn’t rather I die, would you?

NB. About the 6 ways: I did not count how many ways it conflicted. I do know that people open emails that have numbers in the heading, so there ya go.


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Look what we have here! America’s Dumbest Senator Joni Ernst is going somewhere again!

By Olivia LaRosa, May 27, 2015

The extreme traveller and one-term Senator from Iowa Joni Ernst has added another destination to her 99-county tour of Iowa*…VietNam. I am sure that Joni’s constituents had listed Joni going to VietNam as one of their top three important issues. That is, after she had gone to every Iowan’s County and LOOKED at it. Joni also went to Washington D.C. and strode purposefully into the Senate Chamber.

This trip to VietNam is a first for Joni – a Congressional Junket. We used to make fun of these trips as pork. Why? Because there is NO FREAKING REASON for six US Senators to go to Ho Chi Minh City all at the same time. And there’s even less of a reason for Joni Ernst to go to VietNam. Maybe she wanted to look at more farming equipment. You got me.

Wait, wait, an image is coming clear in my crystal ball. Joni is going  to VietNam to make contacts for her REAL bosses, the chemical corporations. Because after all, Asia has not had enough green revolution Monsanto ADM Cargill Dow spread over its farmlands.

Joni, who promised to CUT PORK out of the Federal Budget, (by makinem squeal, ya know) is covering herself hip deep in it already.


*Wait. Whaaaa? Iowa has 99 counties? Heck, California only has 57 counties, and it has 10x as many people and 20x as much land. Why do people in the Midwest say they are against big government? Why do Iowa and California both have the same number of Senators? SMH.


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