The people of Israel are out on the street!

OMG. Look at this. The people of Israel are out on the street! This is horrifying.

What will Netanyahu do next with his power? Set off those nukes toward Iran? You know he’s dying to do it.

Netanyahu is psycho. Who allows him to remain in power? Gee, I don’t know. What do you think? Could it be the American taxpayer? Could he be close buddies with John Kerry?

Tell Washington that their Israeli friends are no longer welcome to our money.

If we stop this blood and treasure relationship, we could fix our roads and hire more teachers. Why? Because we could stop paying Egypt too. As you know, Egypt receives the second highest foreign aid package in the world.

If Israel got $3 billion, Egypt got $2,000,000,000. That’s ten figures. How many figures do you make per year? I had to type it out the long way so I could remember just how much money a billion was. I am becoming numb to this billion figure, which kind of shocks me.

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Oakland Studio Sublet

It’s PINK. It has TURRETS.

See it here at Google Maps. See photos below.

Take a close look at this flexible long-term sublet that includes semi-sheltered parking at the same level as the unit.

$1,200 per month, includes parking. Plus PGE (average $60 per month).

Deposit $1,000.

Large studio with sophisticated charm in a 1927 building claimed to be one of architect Julia Morgan’s designs.

I have a king-size bed, a small loveseat, office furniture, bookshelves, two small dressers, and a large round dining table in the living area. (Unit offered UNfurnished.)

NO DOGS. NO CATS. I have allergies. Birds OK.

Includes very close parking, less than 100 ft. to my door.

  • Elevator. I am on the third story. I can walk out the door on this level to get to my very close parking place behind the building.
  • Kitchen is spacious and has enough room for a small table and chairs.
  • Lovely rooftop seating area ideal for viewing scores of fireworks displays.
  • The rooftop has Oakland and San Francisco views.
  • 9ft. ceilings
  • Old World charm with ceiling and floor tiled entry and fancy woodwork.
  • Laundry in building.
  • Will be mostly unfurnished.
  • Quiet neighborhood, good building neighbors, homes show pride of ownership in this area.
  • Just over the hill from Lake Merritt and Grand/Lake Village.
  • Bus stop 150 feet from front door.
  • It’s a sweet spot. What else can I say?
  • deborahlake at
  • (415) 806-1903


C-indoor entry C_mainapt C-entry to kitchen C_mainapt C_kitchen

IKBTICDSC00033C-outdoor entrykitchen4kitchen1

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10 good examples of the ways bad logic leads to bad conclusions

Here’s another poor example of bad propaganda about cannabis. This author has an addicitive personality and she got addicted to marijuana. She could just as well become addicted to any other substance she took, including sugar and chocolate. Therefore everyone with an addictive personality is going to get addicted to cannabis, in her view. That’s the trouble with this article: it is her view only from her particular addiction.

I feel very badly for her. I wish that she had not suffered so. However, her reaction to the medicine was far outside the ordinary.

Cannabis may show up to be an addictive substance in the psychological sense. It makes us feel better, with fewer side effects, than most other pain relievers. Cannabis is not an addictive substance in the same way that opioids such as heroin and speed-drugs such as meth are addictive. There is no physical withdrawal, for most users. Most users can take it or leave it. Many of us discover lifesaving properties in the medicine. Then one might say that life is addictive.

People get addicted to all sorts of strange things. Yes, by that I mean such awful things as Rice Krispie Treats. Ewwww!

When people read a bad article like this they have one of two reactions: they compare it against other information they have and make a new decision, or they use it to justify an erroneously-held view.

Among the many examples of defective reasoning include:

If you take marijuana, you will end up wanting to wear a beard and an ugly stocking cap, like the guy in the masthead.

Another breathlessly dreadful passage:

The strength of pot varies, and it’s impossible to predict its effect. How you react to marijuana depends on your size, what you’ve eaten, the medications you take. As I tapered off, one hit from a pipe or bong could leave me reeling, as if I’d had five drinks.

Wrong. The effect of cannabis is within one statistical variation from the norm. In a modern innovation which will shock the non-scientific part of the audience, people are able to purchase cannibis based on not only visual and aroma cues, but also for Indica/Sativa level and THC and THCA quantities. These are tested in labs just like your drug company uses.

So for now, this is two of the ten bad examples. Stay tuned for more! It’s just me here, ya know, and it’s slow going.

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“Wow, the hits just keep on comin!” inspired by Five Studies Show How Wealth Warps Your Soul

What is a market? What is capitalism? Why regulation?

(I wrote in response to a conversation between Kir Politicoid and Ann Watson at the comments section of Alternet.) Maybe we are having a failure to communicate across the disciplines?

A market is not a word that means capitalism. Every economic system creates a market. Its the nature of the market and its common currency that varies.

There are laissez-faire capitalist markets in low-regulation countries and better-regulated capitalist markets in civilized society. (Yes, I know i am using laoaded terms. I do it for a good reason.) Laws enacted during the last century saved us from the worst effects of the ruinous pollution all around us. Laws protect normal hardworking families from corporate crimes.

Regulations have the opposite effect: they allow companies to pollute the land and sea and leave the rest of us to die poor, in horrible pain from the diseases their activities create. Marco Rubio HATES that we want to punish these evildoers. I think that Marco Rubio is Satan.

Big corporations will try to kid you that they have perfectly good reasons for dumping X into our drinking water and then refusing to pay court-ordered damages to the community injured by their bad acts.

Big corporations love regulation for yet another reason: the penalties for avoiding a regulation are much cheaper to pay, avoid, or pursue in court than defending the violation of an actual LAW.


There are socialistic markets in tribal and band cultures. The chief makes sure that everyone gets enough of what they need so that no rivalries based on wealth occur. I like that idea. We all help take care of each other.

Anthropologists say that a cultural band of about 150 people is the optimally-functional size. My experience attests to that low maximum. Our 4,000-student high schools are factories of alienation and anonymity.

Inspired by Five Studies Show How Wealth Warps Your Soul 

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More on 2 cheers for the Endangered Species Act

by Olivia LaRosa, December 31, 2014

I wrote “2 cheers for the Endangered Species Act” round about 2010. My point then is the same as my point now.

The Act was intended to help us gauge the habitability of an area by keeping track of the easily-trackable species.

All the time, I hear people tell me how silly it is to try to save a species, when they don’t understand that the species “we libs” want to save is our own. If a small plant or animal cannot survive in a tainted environment, it’s just a matter of time before the poisons work their way up the food chain.

I think that this is the reason we have so much cancer now. The poisons are killing people at ever growing rates. My granddaughter, one of those killed.


(A link to some fun Oakland doings.

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Study to Examine Effects of Artificial Intelligence: NYT & Comments




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Infanticide as a tactic to increase dominant males’ opportunity for sex

by Olivia LaRosa, November 20, 2014

“The study confirms that infanticide isn’t some curious thing caused by humans encroaching on animal territory, it is a male tactic to improve their mating opportunities,” said Kit Opie, from the University College London.

If the female is involved in caring for an infant, the male baboon feels neglected. The ownership of the infant lies with the mother.

It also appears that the females of these species have come up with a strategy to prevent the males from killing their young and this involves mating with as many males as they can in a short time. This strategic promiscuity makes it difficult to discern the infant’s paternity and the males stop killing the young if there is the possibility that the offspring is their own.

Strategic promiscuity stops male baboons from asserting an ownership interest in an infant, and therefore the right to murder it.

“Infanticide primarily evolves in social mammals in which reproduction is monopolized by a minority of males,” the researchers wrote in their study, which was published in the journal Science on Nov. 14. “It has not promoted social counterstrategies such as female gregariousness, pair living, or changes in group size and sex ratio, but is successfully prevented by female sexual promiscuity, a paternity dilution strategy.”

Having lived in a nuclear family situation for most of my life, I can’t say I recommend it. The ideal family unit is the mother and her children. Men can drop in, but they are not to be relied upon for support. Mother and children receive sufficient income to raise children that can explore their potential to contribute to society.

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Another Billionaire “Dropout” Story

Elizabeth Holmes is a dropout and she’s a billionaire at 30. Her company’s technology will be in every Walgreen’s store in the nation.

Another “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps” story of someone who worked rilly rilly hard to get ahead.

She was born in a hovel in a coal-mining town. Yes, the headline begs you to infer how unimportant a college education is, or ignores any advantages gained by having old-money-rich or talented parents. Class makes the difference in 92%  of these cases.

So I lied. She went to Stanford on the money her parents saved up for her to go to college. I promise you that 92% of Americans could not save enough money to send their children to Stanford. (Let’s stick with 92% becuz it is my favorite number to illustrate a statistic on the high end that I don’t want to look up.)

If she was really all that smart, she would have had a full-ride academic scholarship to Stanford.

Bill Gates famously dropped out of college to found Microsoft. People forget to note that he dropped out of Harvard and that his father was a fabulously rich attorney who was the creme de la creme of Seattle society.

George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, John F. Kennedy, Donald Trump, and hundreds more of our opinion-makers and idols are the children of the rich. Born on third base and thinking they hit a homer, far too many of these entitled pompous “leaders” lack empathy and compassion for their fellow human beings.

“Mark Zuckerberg is the son of dentist Edward Zuckerberg and psychiatrist Karen Kempner.

“At Ardsley High School, Zuckerberg excelled in classics. He transferred to Phillips Exeter Academy in his junior year, where he won prizes in science (math, astronomy and physics) and classical studies.”

Nothing helps a kid succeed in life more than a rich parent.

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No one cares about Joni Ernst – not even the Koch Bros.

by Olivia LaRosa, October 28,2014

Since the candidacy of Joni Ernst for the office of US Senator came to my attention, I started sampling coverage of her campaign through news media feeds.

Here are the things I have learned:

Joni spends most of her time thanking the 20 people who show up at her rallies.

Joni has no bills in mind to pass.

Joni swallows all of that bogus John Bircher nonsense Koch people feed her. Joni may know that the Koch Brothers are paying the bills for her candicacy but she doesn’t care. Joni is just a Koch Brothers puppet.

Joni is scary. Joni’s kinda dumb. Joni is unfit to sit within the US Senate.

Joni knows nothing about governance except how to get a county job and award her dad with contracts.

Joni likes living on the same block where she grew up because she knows where the cracks in the sidewalk occur.

Joni makes most of her political decisions based on what’s good for the place where she lives and the people in her immediate family.

Joni and her husband have been Federal employees their whole lives. Joni was in the National Guard during the Iraq wars but did not hold a combat role. Joni likes to exaggerate. Who’s supping more at the government’s trough? Them or me?

Joni takes money from chemical company mouthpieces. How much more cancer can your family take on her behalf?

Marco Rubio comes to your state to applaud the fact that if Joni is elected you can fire Harry Reid. 1) There is no assurance that would happen. 2) How does Harry Reid’s position affect your everyday life?

But finally, at the end, no one is reading Joni’s press releases and no one is supporting her corrupt donors.

So far the only reference to beauty Ernst has made has been in reference to her concealed-carry weapon.

I can’t believe that any responsible citizen would vote for a cardboard cutout from the Koch Brothers campaign.

Even if Bruce Braley sits on his butt for six years he will cause less damage to Iowa and the US if he is elected. Joni Ernst is a corporate puppet and death will follow in her wake. As you may know, the chemical industry is one of her top contributors.

This is why the chemical industry pays so much for lobbyists. They have both ends of the cancer market, the cause and the cure, and they want to keep it that way.

Ernst is a voluntary chemical corporation lobbyist and nothing more.






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The Man: Another Entry in the Series: NSFW

By Olivia LaRosa, circa 2012

(I have read this paragraph a hundred times over the years since I published it. It still turns my stomach.) OLE 2014

This man, a gynecologist, wore a tiny camera in his tie. With the tiny camera, he captured pictures of the genitals of women and girls for his private amusement. He was in a position of power and he abused that power with base motives.

His hospital, Johns Hopkins, will pay $190,000,000 (One hundred ninety million dollars) in an attempt to right the wrongs.

Surely, it would have been easier to run diagnostic psych tests on persons who become doctors than pay out the vast sums of money demanded by the legal system to punish their behavior. We are not even paying out enough to repair the damage they create, let alone to insure prosperity in the wake of punishing the corrupt.

For an example, see Rick Scott, the Tea Party Governor of Florida. His company paid a HEFTY fine for defrauding medicare. Scott took the 5th amendment scores of times when held to account. Still, Floridians voted him in on the froth of a Tea Party wave in 2010. Let’s get rid of Rick, and all the other misery governors elected over the last 10 years with funds provided by the Koch Bros and others of their ilk.

Money should’t be used to moderate our access to food, water, shelter, and education. Those components, delivered in sufficient amounts nearly assure a healthy, well-adjusted family group.

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