Gather at your city halls tomorrow. Let’s count the votes in every town and community: The Electoral College will create catastrophe. Say No Way.

The only profoundly true thing that DT said during the campaign is,”The vote is rigged.” Indeed it was. What the heck is this about an Electoral College; the institution that has now shoved TWO deeply unqualified men into the White House in the last 16 years.

People say I’m crazy and wonder what I’m doin…well, I am demonstrating that a recount of all of the votes CAN and MUST be done.

Please be sure that I am not a partisan for Hillary Clinton. I don’t care as much about who gets the vote as how the vote was manipulated. (3)

Not many people have been able to observe a vote count. I have. I volunteered to be a witness at a vote count for the City of Half Moon Bay in November 2006. (*) We, members of the Democratic Club, and members of the public from all political viewpoints were called upon to witness the count. We traveled to the County Registrar of Voters Office in San Mateo on our own dime. We worked in shifts. Everyone in the room saw the count, and heard the arguments for and against counting that vote as for or against a person or issue.

Everyone was able to object and give the reason for their objection. It was well-documented recount.

This can happen in every town in the US. We do not need to vote again. We just need to count every vote. Neither party has been enthusiastic about a recount. I am so embarrassed that the world is seeing how corrupt Americans are. We seem to have no honor to uphold.

I am reading the newspapers of record in the USA, trying in vain to find someone who is going to stop this election theft. When Obama said, “We did not want to mess up the vote counting,” he means the vote rigging.

WASHINGTON — President Obama said for the first time on Friday that he had held back from retaliating against Russia’s meddling in the presidential race for fear of inciting further hacking “that could hamper vote counting.”

He meant vote-rigging.

But he said he was weighing a mix of public and covert actions against the Russians in his last 34 days in office, actions that would increase “the costs for them.”1

We do not care what you think you need to do to Russia. For the American people, you need to do something that will save our country.

Stop the Electoral College vote. It’s so skewed to the right that we will end up with a failed country if they are allowed to grab power.

Count all the votes. Count all of them by hand. Other countries do it. And don’t tell me that there are too many people to count by hand. We have a lot of people who can count all those ballots. Have three levels of personal verification, plus multiple video and audio backup.

It won’t cost much. People will volunteer.

No more electoral college. It is an 18th Century tool that broke a long time ago. It was developed before the Industrial Age; before universal literacy. Public schools brought us universal literacy. They are bad how remind me now?

Please save this link for reference. I will update.


Deborah Lagutaris is a political scientist. She holds degrees from UC Santa Barbara in Law and Society, J.D. from UC Hastings College of the Law, and LL.M. in International Taxation and Financial Services with an emphasis in Wealth Management from Thomas Jefferson School of Law. 

  1. Save HMB, Smart Voter San Mateo County Ballot from Smart Voter, a nonpartisan organization. .
  2. New York Times. Obama on Russian vote-hacking. 
  3. I saw the Clinton campaign massage the message and steal votes during the primary in myriad ways. That makes it easy to spot when it happens in the General Election.

UPDATE: “We were playing this thing straight — we weren’t trying to advantage one side or the other,” Mr. Obama said. “Imagine if we had done the opposite. It would have become one more political scrum.”

Heaven forbid we offend the opposition. 

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A People’s History of Stock Market Crashes &c 1946-2016: The View from Below

First four sections: Abstract. Introductions. Inspiration. Operationalization, and first two chapters.

Timeline of market incidents from 1928 to 2016

It is difficult to “get ahead,” as in “accumulate assets,” in today’s radically uncertain investment markets. Nevertheless, it is received opinion in the US that if one “plays by the rules” one can “succeed.” This kind of success is narrowly defined as being able to save up enough money to buy a home, raise children, send them to college, and then retire without being a “burden on society.” These rules, although strict,  included legal protections for workers and consumers. More people prospered under these regulatory regimes.

Now, the regulatory regimes have been attenuated, weakened, maligned, and captured. As a result, corporations have been allowed to legally plunder the people that they are meant to serve. Their avarice knows no bounds. These financial actors are cannibalizing their hosts, we the people and the planet we depend upon for life, without even a thank you. In the corporate jubilation that followed every deregulation and privatization, our savings and home equity were plundered without apology or punishment of the perpetrators. I aim to show the levers and gears of these financial meltdowns, their causes, the failures that follow, and the effects of those failures on the typical nuclear family. I intend to demonstrate that a paradigm shift is occurring right now about how the USA might right its financial ship and get back in touch with its inhabitants. Young people are saying we have to figure out how to reward ourselves in ways that take into consideration equity, equality and fundamental fairness. We have to figure out how to invest in ways that create happy communities and happy families. How can investors protect their assets in a world gone mad?

Table of Contents

1)     Abstract 3

2)     Introduction. 5

3)     Inspiration. 6

5)     The WWII Postwar Period 1946-1960. 7

  1. a) How war profiteering led to the Marshall Plan. 7
  2. b) Erosion of Labor Law @Taft-Harley & Demobilization of female workforce after WWII. 8
  3. c) Remobilization of armament industry (Red Scare) 8
  4. d) The Bracero Program.. 9
  5. e) Steel Industry Strikes. 9

6)     The Last Decade of Dominance 1960-1969. 10

  1. a) The Pill 10
  2. b) The Stock Market seeks growth opportunities – Equity Funding. 11
  3. c) Studebaker Pension Fund failure. 11
  4. d) The conquest of cool 14

7)     The Seventies Changed Everything 1970-1979. 17

  1. a) The fiscalization of national product 17
  2. b) Oil embargo. 18
  3. c) Wage and price controls. 19
  4. d) Interest rate climb. 19
  5. e) War on Inflation. 19

8)     The Eighties – Business is Cool 19

  1. a) Deregulation and privatization. 19
  2. b) The fiscalization of national product 20
  3. c) The Savings and Loan crisis. 20
  4. d) Early 1980s recession. 22
  5. e) Black Monday 1987. 23

9)     The Nineties. 24

  1. a) Early 1990s recession. 24

10)        The 2000s. 25

  1. a) Early 2000s recession – dot com bust 25
  2. b) The collapse of Enron 2001-2002. 26
  3. c) WorldCom accounting scandal 27
  4. d) Subprime mortgage crisis. 27
  5. e) Real estate market cratered, stock market crashed AGAIN.. 28
  6. f) The Housing Bust, the Repo scams, and Middle class hollowing out 29

11)        The – “20teens” – A decade of crises in only 6 years. 30

  1. a) Irish and Icelandic banking crises. 30
  2. b) Student debt crisis. 31
  3. c) 2014 Russian financial crisis. 31
  4. d) 2015 Chinese Stock Market Crash. 31

12)        Increasing inequality without fundamental fairness brings new dynamics. 31

  1. a) Arab Spring & Libya & Occupy. 32
  2. b) The rise of Bernie Sanders and the return of class analysis. 32

13)        Conclusion. 32

1)      Abstract

It is difficult to “get ahead,” meaning “accumulate assets.” However, it is received opinion in the US that if one “plays by the rules” one can “succeed.” This kind of success is defined narrowly as being able to save up enough money to buy a home, raise children, send them to college, and then retire without being a “burden on society.” These rules included legal protections for workers and consumers. A broader range of society prospered under these regulatory regimes.

Now, the regulatory regimes have been attenuated, weakened, maligned, and captured. As a result, corporations have been allowed to legally plunder the people that they are meant to serve. Their avarice knows no bounds. These financial actors are cannibalizing their hosts, we the people and the planet we depend upon for life, without even a thank you. In the corporate jubilation that followed every deregulation and privatization, our savings and home equity were plundered without apology or punishment of the perpetrators. I aim to show the levers and gears of these financial meltdowns, their causes, the failures that follow, and the effects of those failures on the typical nuclear family. I intend to demonstrate that a paradigm shift is occurring right now about how the USA might right its financial ship and get back in touch with its inhabitants. Young people are saying we have to figure out how to reward ourselves in ways that take into consideration equity, equality and fundamental fairness. We have to figure out how to invest in ways that create happy communities and happy families. How can investors protect their assets in a world gone mad?

2)      Introduction

In 2015, Japan’s sovereign debt offerings went into “negative” territory. This means that Japan is offering its bonds on the market and expecting investors to pay for the privilege of holding its debt rather than paying interest.

Japan can expect to sell its debt instruments, even with that premium cost to the holder, because sovereign debt of big rich nations like Japan and the USA is considered a safe and stable place to park investor funds when other markets are deemed too risky for investment. In other words, people do not want to purchase the debt of countries like Greece (an extreme example to illustrate the argument) because there is no assurance that their funds will be safe.

Why do nations have to sell bonds to finance their operations? Because their current accounts do not have enough money to fund all the services the nation provides. Why is it that nations do not have enough money to fund their services? There’s a two part answer: first, nations must invest in capital-intensive projects like maintaining roads and schools that cannot always be financed with current tax revenues and second, individuals and corporations avoid or evade their tax obligations using a combination of legal and illegal means. There’s a third reason that most students of economics are reluctant to raise: the economic system itself, prone to booms, bubbles and busts, makes it difficult to accumulate and retain capital. There are winners and losers in monopoly capitalist systems and the losers are more likely to be small investors and governments. The system has been rigged for the rich. Movements of large sums are artificially influenced by the basic view that capital has to earn income. Transnational corporations have near complete control over movements of capital in the 21st century; thus governments are starved and people are starved, enslaved, made ill, injured or killed.

The preceding views spring from a background in the Critical Law and Economics discipline. Nothing happening today in the world economy gives us cause to celebrate. Not just Japan, but many European countries have been running negative interest rates since 2015.

Complaints across the political spectrum about continually increasing amounts of regulation to control money flows and dampen capital flight may make it mandatory for us to look at ways to “take it off the top” rather than spend billions chasing the money after it has flown. The Financial Transaction Tax in its various forms, also known as a Tobin Tax, presents itself as a rational method for governments to collect enough taxes to take care of their people’s needs.

3)      Inspiration

This work springs from research conducted in support of a thesis, a risk/benefit analysis on using a Financial Transaction Tax rather than FATCA and international tax treaties to raise funds to satisfy the tax needs of nations on a global basis. The unfathomable size and scope of the colossal government and private institutional bureaucracies needed to enforce FATCA and tax treaties could make the discussion in favor of an FTT with global reach fruitful to analyze.

Holding up a new analysis of the risk/benefits of FTT alongside the ever-increasing need for global Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) laws, regulations, policies and operationalization may make the case for an FTT impossible to ignore.

  1. I bolster my argument by providing an historic excursion through a few decades worth of misguided-at-best, war-crime-bad at worst, geopolitical financial actions. For many observers, it is clear that trusting the invisible hand of the market makes cash disappear like magic into the unaccountable maw of vertical integration, offshore banking and underground economies.
  • Operationalization
    1. This paper will provide a “people’s history” rather than a close financial analysis of each of the events listed herein. There will be plenty of room for quibbling with each of my analyses but the arc of history will demonstrate that emphasizing faith in a rigged system is a ludicrous fantasy.

5)      The WWII Postwar Period 1946-1960

a)      How war profiteering led to the Marshall Plan

To remedy the unspeakable devastation wrought on Europe and Asia by WWII, American policymakers devised The Marshall Plan. The Marshall Plan aimed to provide the means for European nations to rebuild their infrastructure and economies. Our high school history books present the Marshall Plan as an altruistic outpouring of love on our devastated allies. In fact, the Plan was necessary to provide new markets for the massive production capabilities America developed during the war. Our war profiteers needed market growth to maintain and increase their earnings. Capitalism’s basis tenet is that it must grow, or die. In the infinite world we perceived before the Industrial Revolution, that fantasy could be maintained. Today, we live in a finite world shrunken by 21st century-style globalization and communicate instantly across the globe by means of the Internet. We know that our seas are the last home for incalculable amounts of land-based toxins and our water and air are the last frontiers for corporate control.

b)      Erosion of Labor Law @Taft-Harley & Demobilization of female workforce after WWII

American workers who sacrificed economic benefits of their labor during WWII were told that they were patriots. Thus, they accepted that wages were artificially held down by anti-strike provisions and wage freezes. When the war ended, workers expected to reap the fruits of their labor. The period directly after WWII saw huge increases in labor activities as rank and file members sought to make good on their deferred hopes. When we began to repatriate our veterans as the World War wound down, we had to make sure that they had jobs to return to. Thus, management pressure and government policies acted to take away jobs from women, who had constituted a high percentage of the labor force during the war. Strikes, work-to-rule, and secondary boycott actions increased dramatically. Legislators took action: the Taft-Hartley Act, passed in 1948, began the long process that has decimated the union movement in the US. Workers were “protected” from union “abuses” under the Act.[1] [2]

Next week:

     Remobilization of armament industry (Red Scare); The Bracero Program; Steel Industry Strikes


Timeline of market incidents from 1928 to 2016

A People’s History of Stock Market Crashes 1946-2016: The View from Below
Timeline Before Study– Notable events
1929 Market Collapse into Great Depression
1936 Wagner Act passed
1937-38 Recession within Depression

Timeline of Study
Postwar Period
1946 Repatriation of solders
1946 Women frozen out of jobs
1946 Marshall Plan
1948 Taft-Hartley Act
1948 Red Scare & Permanent War Footing of US Economy..
1950 s
Cold War (until 1988)
1955 Bracero Program
1959 Steel Industry Strikes
Space Race – Piddling away our commonwealth into orbit
1960s The Conquest of Cool
1960 “Mad” Men
1960 The Pill
1962 Kennedy Slide aka Flash Crash of 1962
1963 Studebaker Motors Pension Fund Failure
1963 Kennedy Assassination
1964 Equity Funding Mutual Funds Failure
1968 Martin Luther King Jr. Assassinated
1968 Robert F. Kennedy Assassinated

1968 Nixon President by fluke
1971 US dollar now backed by oil
1973-1974 stock market crash due to high oil prices
1973 OPEC Oil Embargo on US
1973 Inflation at 3.6%
1974 ERISA passed to cover bad private pension debts like Studebaker
1974 Inflation at 9.4%
1975 Privatization of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac pays for part of VietNam War.
1977 Inflation at 5.2%
1980 Inflation at 13.9%
1980 Reagan selected
1980 Business is cool
1980 Deregulation, privatization, destruction of unions
1980 Fiscalization of national product, Phillips Curve invoked
1981 Savings and Loans deregulation, speculation allowed
1981 Deep recession begins; the worst since Depression
1985 Savings and Loan Crisis; Big bailouts needed. No one went to prison but Charles Keating. The Bush’s sure didn’t and they were involved. Greatest bank collapse since the Great Depression. (Remember this phrase. It occurs all too often.)
1987 Black Monday: largest stock market drop since the 1929 crash.
1989 Rio De Janeiro stock exchange crash
1989 Friday the 13th mini-crash
1990-1991 Recession; largest since early 1980s.
1991 Japanese asset price bubble
1992 UK forced to withdraw the pound sterling from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) after the UK could no longer keep sterling above its agreed lower limit.

1997 Asian financial crisis
1997 Global stock market crash caused by Asian Financial Crisis
1998 Russian financial crisis
1999-2000 dot-com bubble
2000-2002 Recession from dot-com bubble caused loss of 8 Trillion of wealth
2001-2002 Collapse of Enron
2001 September 11 attacks caused global markets to drop sharply
2002 Uruguay banking crisis
2002 WorldCom accounting scandal; G.W. Bush promotes “ownership” society.
2003 Bush actors weaken state regulations so lender can make loans without regard
for buyer ability to pay.
2003 Myanmar banking crisis
2007 Chinese stock bubble
2007 US subprime and collateral markets collapse
2007 Collapse of Irish and Icelandic economies.
2007-2009 Bear market in US
2008 Russian stock market collapse
2008-2009 Belgian financial crisis
2008-2012 Icelandic Financial crisis
2008-2009 Ukrainian financial crisis
2008-2011 Irish banking crisis
2008-2012 Spanish Financial crisis
2008 UK Bank rescue package
2009 UK Bank rescue package
2009-2010 Venezuelan banking crisis

2009 Dubai debt standstill
2010 European sovereign debt crisis
2010 Student debt crisis
2010 Arab Spring
2011 Stock markets around the world plummet and remain volatile for rest of year
2011 Occupy
2011 Panama Free Trade Agreement
2013 Voting Rights Act destroyed by Supreme Court
2014 Russian financial crisis
2015 Chinese stock market crash
2016 US Presidential election mashup
2016 The Panama Papers

98 market adjustments to date
Creative Commons 4 BY License

References and Resources

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Black Panther Ten-Point Platform.

  1. We want freedom. We want power to determine the destiny of our Black and oppressed communities.
  2. We want full employment for our people.
  3. We want an end to the robbery by the capitalists of our Black and oppressed communities
  4. We want decent housing, fit for the shelter of human beings.
  5. We want decent education for our people that exposes the true nature of this decadent American society. We want education that teaches us our true history and our role in the present-day society
  6. We want completely free health care for all Black and oppressed people.
  7. We want an immediate end to police brutality and murder of Black people, other people of color, and all oppressed people inside the United States.
  8. We want an immediate end to all wars of aggression.
  9. We want freedom for all Black and oppressed people now held in U.S. federal, state, county, city and military prisons and jails. We want trials by a jury of peers for all persons charged with so-called crimes under the laws of this country.
  10. We want land, bread, housing, education, clothing, justice, peace, and people’s community control of modern technology. Acc. 3-22-2016

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Bernie Sanders wins the Interwebs! Four reasons Bernie can become our President.

Bernie Sanders calls us to account.
Bernie Sanders calls us to account.

The New York Times frets that Hillary’s campaign suffers from “a lack of enthusiasm.” Well yeah, duh! People keep saying that Hillary is “the one,” yet the public keeps demonstrating how reluctant they are to support a chameleon candidate whose views shift according to polls. This enthusiasm gap is handily demonstrated in a major social media platform. I am not a political naif. I started my education in 1969 as a political science major. During these years I shifted my alliances from the right of the Republican Party to the left of the Democratic Party based on the tractor-trailer truckloads of evidence that counters the GOP worldview I was raised on. So here are the four reasons of the day!

First, Bernie is totally electable. He has a statistically significant lead among Facebook followers.

I was just mucking around on the Internet, reading my email, when I found myself at Bernie Sanders’s Facebook page. I was pleased, as a Bernie supporter, to see that he had nearly 2,000,000 that’s TWO MILLION followers. 

by Olivia LaRosa, November 22, 2015

Then I thought I should go see how many followers the other Democratic candidates had. Hillary Clinton has FEWER Facebook followers than Bernie Sanders. That’s right. She has been in politics for 40 years, has nearly limitless money, a lock on the corporate media, and she still has fewer followers than Bernie.

Bernie Sanders for President 1,984,719

Hillary Clinton 1,811,982

So, you are thinking that 170,000 likes aren’t all much of a spread in a nation with 330,000,000 people, and you are right.

OK, let’s go on…

Let’s step back a bit and look at both candidates’ related sites to see how those numbers look:

Senator Bernie Sanders  2,473,389 members

Hillary in 2016 201,257

Hillary Clinton 2016 2,932 members — no, I did not forget to type any numbers here

Let’s figure this:                                     2,473,389

–    201,257

                                                               –        2,932

Bernie’s lead:                                         2,269,200

Going on, we see another

Bernie Sanders for President                     92,393

Unofficial Bernie Sanders for President 115,447

adds up to another 184,706 for Bernie*

Most people in the US have not been offered the opportunity to learn more about Bernie’s ideals and plans. His lead can only grow.

*math approximate. I did not count all the Bernie and Hillary FB pages, only the most prominent

2. Bernie will be able to work with Congress because he will carry Democrats into offices across the nation. 

Many people lament the gridlock in Washington and most of our state capitols. They cannot see how the President can make a difference.

My theory is that the ENTIRE US House of Representatives and a full 1/3 of the Senate is up for re-election. If Bernie’s following continues to grow at these astonishing rates, he will have long electoral coattails. In other words, people who vote for Bernie are not likely to put up with posturing triangulators and fear mongers in other offices. The Republicans and a good many DINOs will be tossed out of office.

Even if they aren’t tossed out, Bernie knows how to work across the aisle without compromising his principles.


3. Bernie’s brand of social democracy builds strong families and strong countries. 

Forget Denmark! Germany’s is a nation of more than 80,000,000. Their social democracy features a form of universal health care. Labor unions share the seats on corporate boards 50/50 with company management. This country is the economic engine of Europe.

Germany’s per capita wealth among the highest in the world, say those crazy loony libs at the CIA.

The benefits that Germans receive, such as health care, at least a month of vacation time, shorter work days and scads of other perks more than make up for the $10K difference in annual income between the USA and Germany per capita. It also allows German families family time to build those family values. Pensions are generous.

Colleges in Germany are FREE for people from all over the world.  Germans enjoy superior elementary education and well-maintained infrastructure. Germans are allergic to waging wars. The cost has been too high. Let’s get our peace dividend and let someone else police the world.



4. Bernie’s Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) Proposal can solve forever our broken taxation system. 

I think that taxes are the price I pay for civilization. Our corporations and our billionaires do not agree. They pay an army of accountants and lawyers to rig the system in their favor.

A Financial Transaction Tax on Wall Street trades would fund free public college for anyone who works hard and gets good grades.

Only the mouthpieces of billionaires like Forbes and Bloomberg see a problem with it. If we take a tiny amount off the top, like .005%, then they cannot hide it in tax “havens.” People who earn great benefits from American workers and consumers should pay it forward, not squirrel it away. If you don’t have it, you can’t hide it!

We could get rid of volumes of tax law that are littered with loopholes. All of those lawyers and accountants could be helping people instead of trying to figure out how to steal “honestly” and cheat our country.

In conclusion, it seems to me that the only obstacles standing in the way of a Sanders Presidency are those without a vision of a peaceful future. You cannot wage war to gain peace. Everybody knows THAT!

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The evil right wants to put us disabled people to work. In Sam Kinison’s voice, hear this: “We are too disabled to work at a job someone else would pay us to do.”

Yes, some of us may not be actually disabled. Maybe about 10% of every human group will have cheaters and sneaks. Ok. But still, that leaves 90% of the 10% of us disabled people who must have help to survive.

You might ask, “Why should I care about disabled people staying alive?” People would think that is a good question to ask. It is. Because I can tell you why.

Our human abilities are not diminished or extinguished by the disabilities we bear. Rather, it directs your focus to the benefits our disabilities provide. We perforce must dwell on the minutiae of our daily lives in a way the abled do not understand. We don’t mind that they don’t understand. We just want to move forward with our lives, serving our communities, to help those who follow us to build great neighborhoods.

What we should be doing as a society is helping our friends struggling with disability rather than punishing everyone for the low achievers. We are trying as hard as we can to scrounge up the bit of work we can do while reclining on a special air mattress 24 hours a day for example.

I can write, for example. I am finding ways to get paid for my writing. People ask me to help them fill out forms. I am a Registered Tax Return Preparer, ID P01584295. Some months I earn enough to pay for some groceries, maybe a half-tank of gas. I can work harder and more effectively if I am not distracted by rather serious pain. Better if I get help so I don’t overdo, like dusting, or standing for more than 5 minutes. Four or more times a day and I am back to air-mattress for a week’s worth of healing.

Still, I can keep up on my research projects. I run several automated browser searches for topics I follow closely. Near and dear to me is the political climate surrounding disability. I was a disability advocate before I became disabled myself.

Today a glib, ill-informed article by one Peter Cove crossed my path, entitled “US Disability Programs Need a Work Requirement.” Let us start by defining terms, something Mr. Cove avoids. What US disability programs is he talking about? The ones for people like me who cannot hold a job in today’s market? Workers’ Comp programs, designed to pay a worker who was hurt while doing his job.

Mr. Cove elides welfare payments and disability payments, although their aims are completely different. Could it be that he has never had a disabled person in his life?

Welfare helps families without the ability to provide for themselves and support them until they can train and get good work at a reasonable wage. The reason that disabled people receive benefits is because we are a civilized society who thinks that the least of us should be cared for even if we can’t hold a job.But we contribute far more than you could ever know to the web of knowledge under our society.

We have physical and mental disabilities that make it impossible to work. That’s why his assertions about the need to make us work is ridiculous. Disability is natural. It is always among us even when invisible.

So back to Mr. Cove’s lugubrious blathers about the success of the welfare-to-work programs of the 1990s, as he completely fails to distinguish between the impoverished- unemployed and the disabled populations. His book “Poor No More” has two reviews on Goodreads, two years after it came out. Methinks his nonprofit and his posturing about putting those lazy disabled to work is designed only to feed Limbots and other nattering nabobs of hate. subsequently I learned that Mr. Cove was asking $99 for a hardcover copy of his book. What is the purpose of this sham book written by a sham person, we wonder?

That is one definition of disability; a condition incredibly perilous yet difficult to prove in the face of bureaucratic hostility.

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Ed Roberts, first severely disabled student admitted to UC Berkeley

This is the time of the year to celebrate Ed Roberts’s birthday. Ed was admitted to UC Berkeley after one of the faculty members said, “We tried cripples before and it didn’t work.” Schoolwork wasn’t a struggle, but keeping up with everything else was a struggle. When you are disabled you can slide back downhill into the pit of homelessness within a month.

Polio paralyzed him from the neck down. His lung muscles were paralyzed. He had to sleep in an 800-lb iron lung at night. It breathed for him.

Against all odds, he was a stellar student and was admitted to UC Berkeley in 1958.

Roberts graduated in 1962, two years before the Free Speech Movement transformed Berkeley into a hotbed of student protest. When his search for housing met resistance in part because of the 800-pound iron lung that he slept in at night, the director of the campus health service offered him a room in an empty wing of the Cowell Hospital.

Roberts accepted on the condition that the area where he lived be treated as dormitory space, not a medical facility. His admission broke the ice for other students with severe disabilities, who joined him over the next few years at what evolved into the Cowell Residence Program.

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On Friday, Donald J. Trump, the embodiment, instrument and provocateur of American animus, was installed — and I use that word with purpose and displeasure — as America’s 45th president. He delivered a particularly inauspicious speech to a seemingly sparse crowd, presenting a vision for America that would best be described as aggressive atavism, a retrograde positioning of policy that threatens to drag the country back to a time of division and fear and hostility, when some stand in the light by casting others into darkness.

Charles J. Blow, New York Times, Jan 21, 2017

The speech was replete with phrases never before uttered in an Inaugural Address. Bleed, carnage, depletion and disrepair.

Read the rest of this stirring article. Talk about it with your neighbors.

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Foods to put hair on your head

Green tea

Citrus, green pepper, red pepper

Richly colored berries

Almonds and other nuts

Dark green leafy vegetables

Red meat and liver

Webb includes richly pigmented berries, such as blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries, in her suggested diet for fighting off hair loss. These nutritional powerhouses are known for their ample supply of vitamin C, and their rich stores of other antioxidants and phytonutrients. “Eating antioxidant-rich foods reduce the symptoms of baldness,” she says.

Almonds and other nuts are rich in healthy essential fatty acids and protein, as well as two other components that help them act as a food remedy for baldness when part of your daily diet, says Koya Webb, a certified personal trainer and holistic nutritionist. “Nuts have vitamin B6, which can help promote healthy hair growth,” she says. “Almonds also have vitamin E, which increases blood flow and can help stimulate the scalp and promote hair growth.” Add this to the heart-health benefits of nuts, and they should become key to your anti-hair-loss diet arsenal.

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5 times newspapers cut off comments too soon; the deplorable nominee parade.

I have been reading and commenting daily in our major newspapers of record for nearly 2 decades. Until this year, a typical comment thread had 2,000 or more comments.

Today, this article posted. Republican men say its a better time to be a woman than a man.  The New York Times shut down the comment section after 44 posts.

“Men underestimated the sexism felt by the women in their lives, the survey found. And while most respondents agreed it’s a better time to be a man than a woman in our society, only Republican men thought it was a better time to be a woman than a man.”

Professional victims, these Republican men. Maybe if they would stop being mad all the time people would like them better. It’s a cinch no one does now.

The other four times will be published shortly…

The Deplorable Nominee Parade

Thomas Puzden, the CEO of a fastfood megachain, current pick of the Tump administration for Secretary of Labor, is reconsidering his candidacy.

Salon said,

“He may be bailing,” an anonymous source “plugged into the Trump transition effort” told CNN. “He is not into the pounding he is taking, and the paperwork.”

Because Puzder has yet to submit his financial holdings paperwork to the Office of Government Ethics, his confirmation hearing scheduled for this week has been put on hold “and likely will not be held until next month,” CNN’s John King wrote.

Facebook on APeel! Darn those smart people found a clean solution to a problem that has always plagued humanity, the spoilage of food before eaten.

But if they are liberals, they are the enemy, we say we don’t believe the product works as advertised just because we can never allow them to say anything that isn’t smeared or distorted beyond recognition in those evil twisted minds consumed by hate. Right? 

OL – 1/17/2017

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Autumn Connoisseur

Just as it was warmer longer this autumn, this winter chill followed rapidly. Seemed to be a short fall. I have been through a few falls now and see patterns. I don’t think my short 60 years of observations is statistically significant, but I’m sure DT would. They would have been da greatist.

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Well, would you look at that, now? Look who’s too busy to do his job?

One of my part-Irish grandparents would say that whenever some shocking bit of news came over the radio &c.

DT ia “too busy” to go to intelligence briefings. Presidents receive a daily intelligence briefing.  Being up to the minute on new intelligenceis one of the most important tasks of the job.Trump has the attention span of a fly.  Trump is not competent and is a danger to the wellbeing of the United States of America.

I don’t like Hillary. I was a Bernie Sanders constituent from the day he announced. Hillary is literate. That’s a good start. Have read that Hillary cannot use a keyboard. That’s nearly as scary as Trump’s illiteracy, but not quite as much.

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The Chicken or the Egg; or is it just chickens coming home to roost?

According to the Wall Street Journal, Some of the world’s top hedge-fund managers are worried.

They say central bank bond buying programmes that are pumping trillions of dollars into global markets will end badly. The European Central Bank said on Thursday it would extend its asset purchase programme to the end of next year, buying bonds at a reduced rate. But prominent managers have expressed doubts about the endgame for QE.

Oh really. Say what you mean, for the love of glory. “Expressing doubt about the endgame for QE,” is more correctly phrased as, “I don’t know how much longer we can print money and pour it into buying our own governments’ bonds without having devastating inflation. Because, after all, that’s how we got to a blow-out global economic crash in 2008. Thank you for giving us another chance to steal everyone blind before we take our money and run again.”

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