Four things are rotten in the State of Iowa (but one good)!

by Olivia LaRosa, June 13, 2015 from  Maggie Haberman and Jonathan MartinWith Candidates Staying Out, Iowa Straw Poll Dies, New York Times

Read yesterday, late, that Iowa has cancelled it’s First in the Nation “Straw Vote.” The New York Times said, With (mostly the large field of Republican) Candidates Staying Out, Iowa Straw Poll Dies. This is the official reason the Straw Vote, otherwise called a Caucus, is being dumped.

I think the truth is more complicated.

One, the Iowa Caucus results in 2008 lit the fire under the first Obama Presidential Campaign. Iowa’s early winners can end up at the bottom of the pile. Look at Michelle Bachmann. Neither Republics or Democrats want that to happen again. Hillary is finding that Bernie, the only candidate telling it like it is, may force her to abandon her corporate masters, at least during the campaign.

You know what they say about a constituent’s hell: it’s heaven, until after the votes are counted. We lose, corporations win.

Two, Bernie Sanders’ candidacy has created much more interest in both the campaigns and elections. The more people who hear Sanders’ messages, the more whose hearts will be moved.

Three, Joni Ernst’s Roast and Ride was a big flop, I bet. No one wants to think about hog castration when they look at at a Senator. Plus, she never says much that invites conversation, it appears.

Four, wouldya take a look at the Republican field? They have nothing to say to us that we haven’t heard a million times. They have nothing to say to us that we haven’t been forced to try before.

For example, we have seen now what happens when we cut taxes. The elite claims that when we cut taxes they make jobs for us. If that were the case, we should be ROLLING in jobs right now, after cutting the percentage of money that rich people pay and increasing the percentage that the middle class has to pay. (1

Where do the Republicans get the money to cut taxes for the rich? Well, they get it from imposing higher taxes and fees on the middle class. The rest of us are so damn broke we can’t pay attention. Even if they levy some new fee, we can’t pay it. <snark>If we had lawns, we would be arrested for not mowing them often enough, if we lived in Waco, TX. What is it with Waco? And what’s up with that Kalief Browder who committed suicide after spending 3 years in Riker’s Island without being charged? He was innocent of all crimes, but he couldn’t raise bail. Maybe he should just be thankful we let him out.</snark>

Some of us believed it when the Republic Party said it held the moral high ground and that the Vietnam War was a good war, so as morally high-grounded youth we joined the Republican Party. That only lasted about 3 years. After Watergate, I started searching for answers about why my party had to resort to burglary to win an election. I began to learn about all the dirty deals and dirty tricks Republicans played on the American taxpayer.

Republicans talk about Democrats being corrupt. Some of them are, but when they steal from us their goals are modest. They may want a summer house or a mink stole. Nixon, on the other hand, would not stand by and lose the Presidential Election in ’52 and again in 1960, so he bribed the VietCong to stay away from the bargaining table until he was elected. The moral bankruptcy of the Republics, hyping the burglars and the Iran-Contra criminals as patriotic role models has turned their party into nothing more than a spiked punchbowl.

One good thing, though, I must say. Rick Santorum held a campaign event in Iowa and the only one who showed was the head of the County Republican Party. Most of average intelligence would decide to dock their campaign ship for good. Let’s see what the less than smart will do.


1) Carly “just call me Daisy” Fiorino went out to Iowa, tyed a designer gingham blouse over her jeans, jumped up on a wagon, and told her poor little rich magnate story about having to pay taxes in 13 states. That is on her $248 Billion portfolio. Each extra state’s tax costs her about $100. Rich people problems everywhere were turn. Gasp. If I pay state tax in 13 different states, will I become an absurdly rich complainer? See how I avoided that?



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Senator Rand Paul’s appalling views on disabled people clash with the facts 6 ways

This opinion about the disabled is disgraceful and embarrassing.

Rand Paul wants to divide Social Security recipients by demonizing Americans living with disabilities – “You know, over half the people on disability are either anxious or their back hurts. Join the club.”

Mr. Paul, you are a physician. I am sure that you have seen people with rheumatoid arthritis, degenerated hips, lumbar stenosis, ankylosing spondilitis, degenerative disc disease, and other terrible musculo-conditions that cause suffering 24 hours a day. It isn’t like you say. You imply that back pain is a trifling condition.

Politifact grades your comments with an F for FALSE. 

Glenn Kessler, the fact checker at the Washington Post, gives you 3 Pinocchios for wildly inaccurate stats. I mean, your numbers aren’t even close to being true. That’s pretty lame; a sign of sloppy thinking.

Do we really want someone as lazy as you to be our President? Do we really want someone as mean as you as our President?

On the average, people who are granted SSDI and SSI die within 5 years. These benefits to not constitute a vacation for us. People wait years and go through all of their savings. Some don’t make it. They die or commit suicide.

It is incredibly difficult to get approved for Social Security Disability Insurance. Take me, say. I was a passenger in a car hit head by an old heavy Chevy Van in 1982. I was not allowed to return to work until 6 months after the accident. I have had six surgeries on my legs since then.

Fast-forward to 2007. I had no health insurance and no money to pay for medical expenses. My back was constantly seizing up. My legs failed me often. I bought a motorized scooter so I could run errands.

Fast forward to 2011. So many nights, I would be sitting at my desk, when I would notice the pain creeping up from my legs and eventually gripping my entire body. I could not think. If I ventured out of the house, I would be in severe pain for the next two days. My hips ached and pain shot from them down my legs.

I was found disabled by the Social Security Admin. I began to receive SSI payments. My disabilities are severe and persistent. No one questions why I don’t have a job when they hear what’s wrong with me.

By October of 2013, I was in so much pain that I could not sit in any chair. I was confined to my bed for six months, hoping that rest would restore me. Didn’t happen. People refused to believe my descriptions of my symptoms, because they varied. The one consistent sign about my condition was the 8-10 level pain and ache in my entire lower body.

In April of 2014, I finally got an MRI promised to me in December. I had a condition I had never heard of. Lumber stenosis with severe neurogenic claudication. That is Latin for “This thing hurts like a son of a gun.”

Stenosis conditions are managed by steroid shots and a complicated list of pharmaceuticals that keep the pain down for a while. I also have moderate cervical spine stenosis.

This condition squeezes and puts pressure on the spinal cord. The squeeze is on several different places. The symptoms can vary for that reason.

I have reached the limit on steroid shots for a year. I have to work from my bed. I can’t let my tax clients down.

I am too fragile to move myself to another residence. I rarely leave my home. I also suffer from degenerative arthritis in my hips. I cannot walk further than one block from my house.

My SSDI disability claim has been languishing in the appeal process for 4 years now.

The reason my case is in appeal status is that I made my claim more than two years after the last date I was employed by someone else. Modest earnings from self-employment income that I paid taxes on does not count.

I have it soooo easy. Wanna change places?

So many people who are disabled are excluded from SSDI benefits because of that 2-year rule. It should be repealed. Illnesses don’t suddenly appear conveniently before that 2-year deadline. Some injuries take decades to disable us, like mine did. I worked as long as I could. You really wouldn’t rather I die, would you?

NB. About the 6 ways: I did not count how many ways it conflicted. I do know that people open emails that have numbers in the heading, so there ya go.


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Look what we have here! America’s Dumbest Senator Joni Ernst is going somewhere again!

By Olivia LaRosa, May 27, 2015

The extreme traveller and one-term Senator from Iowa Joni Ernst has added another destination to her 99-county tour of Iowa*…VietNam. I am sure that Joni’s constituents had listed Joni going to VietNam as one of their top three important issues. That is, after she had gone to every Iowan’s County and LOOKED at it. Joni also went to Washington D.C. and strode purposefully into the Senate Chamber.

This trip to VietNam is a first for Joni – a Congressional Junket. We used to make fun of these trips as pork. Why? Because there is NO FREAKING REASON for six US Senators to go to Ho Chi Minh City all at the same time. And there’s even less of a reason for Joni Ernst to go to VietNam. Maybe she wanted to look at more farming equipment. You got me.

Wait, wait, an image is coming clear in my crystal ball. Joni is going  to VietNam to make contacts for her REAL bosses, the chemical corporations. Because after all, Asia has not had enough green revolution Monsanto ADM Cargill Dow spread over its farmlands.

Joni, who promised to CUT PORK out of the Federal Budget, (by makinem squeal, ya know) is covering herself hip deep in it already.


*Wait. Whaaaa? Iowa has 99 counties? Heck, California only has 57 counties, and it has 10x as many people and 20x as much land. Why do people in the Midwest say they are against big government? Why do Iowa and California both have the same number of Senators? SMH.


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Joni’s Roast and Ride

Olivia LaRosa, May 20, 2015

That Joni Ernst, she’s goin somewhere and makin em squeal. She is the new U.S. Senator from Iowa. How, do you think, could such an empty suit win over the Democrat, who is a far better person? Well, that far-better person turned out to be not such a skilled candidate.

He used words more than 5 letters long far too often, it seemed. On the other hand, Joni Ernst won her seat with the “Make em squeal” slogan. If you are among the fortunate who do not know the source of this slogan, I will leave that explanation to your own initiative. I don’t care to repeat it.

Always looking for entertainment, I thought that it might be fun to see how Joni Ernst’s career progressed. So I set up an Internet news alert for her name way back in July of 2014.

For sure she does one thing real well. Go places.

Nearly every alert I have seen tells the world about the places she has been or the places she is going to. I am not exaggerating. I say at least 95%. After her election, we were treated to a video of her firm stride into the U.S. Senate. That is all until her big speech favoring privatization of V.A. psychiatric care a couple of weeks ago.

This coming weekend is the Joni Ernst Hog Roast and Ride. Yes, that’s right! Joni Ernst outdo herself by taking a ride on a Harley and still not go anywhere.

But wait, there’s more! She is only part way through her tour of the 99 Iowa counties. What? Iowa has 99 counties? Do you understand how that is waaay too many counties?

California, for example, has 58 counties for 38,000,000 people. Iowa’s 3 million people live in 99 counties. Lets take an average. Each county there holds 30,000 people with its own bureaucracy, own equipment, own bosses, own sheriff, on and on. Each California county holds 655,172 people. If Cali had 99 counties, each would still hold 383,000 people, 13 times the number of each average Iowa county.

Now tell me again about how California, a Democratic state, is the state of Big Government and Red States belong to the party of Small Government.

This coming weekend, you can join people in Iowa for Joni’s Hog Roast and Ride. There she will outdo herself by riding on a Harley and still not going anywhere.

You can join if you are invited or a credentialed member of the press who RSVPs before the event, that is. No regular people allowed.


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Paul Craig Roberts: Hell Unleashed

Best use of the word insouciant I have seen all day. – OL


This is what the arrogant morons who comprise the US government have stirred up. Watch this video for its entire 1 hour 20 minutes, and then ask yourself if Washington is making a good decision by driving us into conflict with Russia. (You might have to use your cursor to push the circle with the dot back to the beginning of the video.)

Americans, being an insouciant people, are unaware that it was Russians, not England’s Wellington, who defeated Napoleon. The Grande Army did not return from Russia. The loss broke the back of French military power.

The German Wehrmacht, which in a few days overran France and drove the British off the continent, was destroyed in Russia by the Red Army. The allied invasion of Normandy encountered only a few under-strength German units deprived of fuel. The German army and all available resources were on the Russian front.

Americans played a small role in the war against Hitler. Eisenhower cleverly waited until the Red Army had defeated Hitler, and then invaded long after the tide had turned against Germany. Today Washington claims credit for winning a war in which Washington’s role was small.


Please read the rest here on Dr. Roberts’s site.


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Stardate: May Day



What a lovely date! May 1 is the real Labor Day all over the rest of the world, but not in the USA.

Why? Because we do not honor our workers. The apex of workers’ rights protection occured in 1936 with the passage of the Wagner Act. That Act protected workers’ rights to organize and bargain collectively. Anyone who thinks that he and an employer are both equally empowered is doomed to a low retirement income.

The forces of evil immediately began planning how to hamstring the rights given to workers in 1936. Only 12 years after its passage, the Wagner Act was supplanted by the Taft-Hartley Act. This act undercut workers’ rights by shifting the burden of proof to the individual worker and away from the corporation.

The moral of the story? 1948 inaugurated the destruction of worker rights in the USA. My coursework in US Labor History and US Labor Law demonstrates the volcanic downward pressure on human freedom and human liberty.

Even the anti-human right wingers in my Labor Law class were satisfied that the labor movement is nearly dead. Victory over the public servant worker organizations is all that remains for the complete destruction of the worker protections that people fought and died for.

Myth 1: Government employees are harder to fire than private sector employees.

As an employee you should know for example that your First Amendment Rights AND your Second Amendment Rights are meaningless at work. Happily, labor and employment law protects your 14th Amendment rights of Due Process and Equal Protection. Every single one of us has those protections, unless we waived them when we signed that at-will employment contract of adhesion.

Government workers are protected better than private sector workers because government emloyers are expected to adhere to our laws. Nothing more, nothing less. Labor law allows the employer and the employee the ability to communicate necessary information without jumping prematurely to termination.

At most, the employer need only have three formal discussions with an employee before termination.

Analysis: complaints about lazy government employees are aimed at destruction of not just government worker rights, but all worker rights.  See: The public unions must be destroyed. 

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Some opportunities to build human capital with Via

I operate my service industry in both the paper and the actual economic realm. One aspect of my compensation involves barter and skill-shares. Barter income is taxable at the market rate; skill-share is not.

As I enter a period where I am less able to work due to restorative surgeries, I can offer skill-share opportunities. I look forward to these times as I enjoy getting to know people and exchanging knowledge and friendship. It’s lonely out here. I want to reach out to share my knowledge and learn from others.

For the foreseeable future, I will be working from bed. This helps me minimize the pain from the lumbar stenosis.

So having said all that, here are some tasks that people might consider helping me with.

  • Install right-side rear view mirror on van. I have the mirror and the tools.
  • Rub out paint on right side to minimize collision marks.
  • Empty and vacuum van.
  • Check van tires and inflate.
  • Wash van.
  • Help move items between apartment and storage unit in Alameda.
  • List 60 items on eBay that are already prepared for sale.
  • Play and record vinyl so it can be sold on eBay.
  • Take stuff to donate to Out of the Closet.
  • Light housekeeping.
  • Filing and sorting.

Things that I would like company doing:

  • Watching movies
  • Cooking
  • Board games
  • Cards including poker

I spend most of my day writing, working, and computing on my old kit CPU that no longer allows me any expansion. I am a power user, and I have been working with underpowered systems for the last six years. This wastes a lot of my time.

Some things I need:

  • Computer tower with a current model motherboard and lots of expansion slots. I will be moving my own components to this tower and adding others.
  • 2 solid state HD
  • current AMD chip

I intend to move the major portion of my daily work from PC to MAC.

Wish list:

  • iPad (best for bed work).
  • Current model MacBookor MAC tower.





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Olivia Deborah Lagutaris LaRosa

The Founding Fathers didn’t have anything to say about corporations because they did not want to encourage them. They saw what happened to India at the hands of East India Company. The Indian people were impoverished by this foul entity.

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6 Disability Myths to Share with Friends

By Olivia LaRosa, a severely disabled person

April 5, 2015

1. We need to cut Social Security Disability Insurance payments to stop freeloaders.

According to one dubious article from the Atlantic, the disabled should just stop whining and go back to work. This dubious article is summarized at a website called the Tyler Morning Telegraph.

It’s time to repair, not just cut, SSDI

Written by ______. Whoever it is doesn’t have even a basic grasp of the disability system. SSDI is a payment that people who have worked for more than 10 quarters may receive for severe or terminal disabilities. SSI is payment to those who have not worked but are disabled. It is much lower payment than SSDI. Neither one of them “pay” as a pink-or-blue-collar job might. In other words there are no incentives to receiving these awards. Rather, they are usually the difference between life and death.

2. People who get SSDI payments become dependent upon them and don’t go back to work. 

By definition, to be disabled is “too sick to work in any job offered in the national job market for x hours per week.” Furthermore, because of mean-spirited meddling by right-wing tax nuts, if your severe-or-terminal disability does not show up during the first two years that you can’t work, you don’t get SSDI even though you have paid into it and have earned it.

3. People who get disability payments have it made.

If you get SSDI, you can afford to rent a room in someone else’s house and buy groceries. If you have not become disabled within two years of your last working quarter, you get nearly bupkis. Instead, you get SSI (Social Security Disability) if you are lucky, which simply isn’t enough to rent a room in a house.

By definition, we are so sick that it is highly unlikely that we will EVER be able to hold any job in the national job market. So of course not too many of us return to our cushy jobs as hamburger flippers. Most of us are too sick to work to augment our meager benefits. Life becomes ever more difficult. Being poor is a full-time job. Being poor and sick takes up as much time as two full-time jobs.

4. Only the truly disabled should get assistance.

All of these “Cut Disability” articles state that they are FOR people who are really disabled getting assistance. If so, why do they think that cutting SSDI or SSI will help? Most of these articles say that private charity will fill the gap. If so, why aren’t I being supported by these charities?

5. People who get disability payments get free stuff.

Yes, I got free stuff. Two-and-a-half years after I was found disabled, I got Medi-Cal medical coverage from the state of California. I was not seen by Medi-Cal personnel until more than 3 years had passed after my disability date. I told them what was wrong with me and they did little more than prescribe some of the medicines I needed.

I kept telling them that if I did not get help soon for my disabilities that I would become bed-bound. Three and a half years after I was found disabled, I was at the Emergency Room at the County Hospital with Level 10 pain in my back and hips.

I was in bed for six months before my back illness was diagnosed. Four years after I was found disabled, I got the MRI that confirmed I had lumbar stenosis with severe neurogenic claudication. Lumbar stenosis is Latin for “this thing hurts like a sumbeach.” So, that was the free stuff I got before I qualified for Medicare in May 2014, seven years after the time that I became too sick to work outside the home.

6. Disabled people cannot work without losing their benefits. 

Completely untrue. The Social Security Disability Administration has programs such as “Ticket to Work,” which allows some of us to work part-time or even full time while keeping our medical benefits. Eventually, many people who are helped by these programs return to full-time work.

We have the tools in place. All we have to do is pay for them. Let’s fund these programs and help people out of dependency instead of slashing budgets.

I will tell people about my other disabilities in another article. When you hear of them you will wonder why I am not getting the help I need to survive.




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Living Frugal #1

Monica, I remember a conversation we had last year. You said that you were aiming for a “uniform,” clothing you could just wear and not stress out about. I have been keeping this thought in mind as I adapt my wardrobe for maximum comfort and at least a bit of style. I have mobility disabilities and three upcoming surgeries.

I have not been able to work outside the home since 2009. I did not know what was wrong with me, and neither did my doctors. I learned in early 2014 that I had lumbar stenosis with severe neurogenic claudication. Silly me. I was calling it “thing that hurt like a sumbeach.” I had never even heard of the condition until my MRI results came in.

On December 20, 2013 I went to ER with bone-grinding body-wide relentless pain that had been coming on with ever more frequency and intensity over the past several years. From that visit I was diagnosed with LS, but not a severely degenerated left hip. It is a textbook example of a deeply deteriorated function. The pain is immense and constant punctuated by jarring shocks from my movements. Sometimes I worry that the ball or socket will just give away one day because there’s nothing left to hold them together.

I need to limit physical and emotional stress due to non-essential tasks. I am learning to delegate, now that I have some In Home Health Care support.

Freya helped me get rid of 3/4 of my wardrobe before my move to Richmond. I love looking in my closet now. I see more items that I can release.

Now it seems to me that I was keeping all those clothes just because I liked a certain aspect of the item.  Perhaps the color, perhaps the cut, or the ruffle. Turns out I wasn’t as attached to them as I thought. And for the ADD person, simplicity is necessary.

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