Mailchimp and Me

I am a volunteer social media manager for Ed Pearl, the impresario responsible for The Ash Grove nightclub. The Ash Grove was a popular folk and rock music concert hall in the 1960s and early 1973, when the second fire shut it down for good.

El Pearl was probably a Communist at one point, during the Great Depression. He is 82 now, in a memory-care center. Up until 6 months ago he was writing a daily column called The Daily Digest and I distributed it for him.

I started out in 2010 when he asked me to help him manage his email lists, which ran to 1,200 addresses at their peak. That should have been easy, but he has political enemies whose thirst was never slaked by any damage they could do to chill his speech.

I  had to move the list to a number of providers over the years due to the obstructions these enemies put in his path.

One move was into and out of Mailchimp. I liked the ease of operation. I was able to teach Ed to perform his own data entry and create his own articles within a few days.

Within two months after our move, the main opponent shut down our Mailchimp lists by claiming we had violated one rule or another. So anyway, I am not able to present you any detail about the lists. Our account was closed and our data was inaccessible due to our alleged ‘violations.’

After three more moves, we found a good home with GoogleGroups. Because of the way GoogleGroups are structured, it was impossible for Ed’s opponent to make the claims she was making before.



Now unable to access EdPearl-Ashgrove Daily Digest Mailchimp group



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