So What about Porgy and Bess?

I started listening to jazz as a teen. I got it full time in my car in 2006. It soothed my weary soul. People say jazz takes them out of their humdrum day. It always lifts my mood.

Yesterday, on my local jazz station KCSM, Melanie and Chuy played Miles Davis “Ain’t necessarily so.” I wanted to hear it again.

Found it in Mile’s recording of the music from Porgy and Bess. I decided to spin the whole album this afternoon.

It is one of the most profound musical performances of the 20th Century. Davis followed up Porgy and Bess the very next year in “So What.” “So What” is the best selling jazz record of all time. Five thousand new copies are sold every week. It was released in 1958.

We didn’t love Miles enough, I know that for sure.

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