The evil right wants to put us disabled people to work. In Sam Kinison’s voice, hear this: “We are too disabled to work at a job someone else would pay us to do.”

Yes, some of us may not be actually disabled. Maybe about 10% of every human group will have cheaters and sneaks. Ok. But still, that leaves 90% of the 10% of us disabled people who must have help to survive.

You might ask, “Why should I care about disabled people staying alive?” People would think that is a good question to ask. It is. Because I can tell you why.

Our human abilities are not diminished or extinguished by the disabilities we bear. Rather, it directs your focus to the benefits our disabilities provide. We perforce must dwell on the minutiae of our daily lives in a way the abled do not understand. We don’t mind that they don’t understand. We just want to move forward with our lives, serving our communities, to help those who follow us to build great neighborhoods.

What we should be doing as a society is helping our friends struggling with disability rather than punishing everyone for the low achievers. We are trying as hard as we can to scrounge up the bit of work we can do while reclining on a special air mattress 24 hours a day for example.

I can write, for example. I am finding ways to get paid for my writing. People ask me to help them fill out forms. I am a Registered Tax Return Preparer, ID P01584295. Some months I earn enough to pay for some groceries, maybe a half-tank of gas. I can work harder and more effectively if I am not distracted by rather serious pain. Better if I get help so I don’t overdo, like dusting, or standing for more than 5 minutes. Four or more times a day and I am back to air-mattress for a week’s worth of healing.

Still, I can keep up on my research projects. I run several automated browser searches for topics I follow closely. Near and dear to me is the political climate surrounding disability. I was a disability advocate before I became disabled myself.

Today a glib, ill-informed article by one Peter Cove crossed my path, entitled “US Disability Programs Need a Work Requirement.” Let us start by defining terms, something Mr. Cove avoids. What US disability programs is he talking about? The ones for people like me who cannot hold a job in today’s market? Workers’ Comp programs, designed to pay a worker who was hurt while doing his job.

Mr. Cove elides welfare payments and disability payments, although their aims are completely different. Could it be that he has never had a disabled person in his life?

Welfare helps families without the ability to provide for themselves and support them until they can train and get good work at a reasonable wage. The reason that disabled people receive benefits is because we are a civilized society who thinks that the least of us should be cared for even if we can’t hold a job.But we contribute far more than you could ever know to the web of knowledge under our society.

We have physical and mental disabilities that make it impossible to work. That’s why his assertions about the need to make us work is ridiculous. Disability is natural. It is always among us even when invisible.

So back to Mr. Cove’s lugubrious blathers about the success of the welfare-to-work programs of the 1990s, as he completely fails to distinguish between the impoverished- unemployed and the disabled populations. His book “Poor No More” has two reviews on Goodreads, two years after it came out. Methinks his nonprofit and his posturing about putting those lazy disabled to work is designed only to feed Limbots and other nattering nabobs of hate. subsequently I learned that Mr. Cove was asking $99 for a hardcover copy of his book. What is the purpose of this sham book written by a sham person, we wonder?

That is one definition of disability; a condition incredibly perilous yet difficult to prove in the face of bureaucratic hostility.

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