Stop Trump: This is our only chance…with the Electoral College

Your State electors have choice! Don’t let anyone tell you differently. If they won’t listen to you via phone and letter, go to your Representative’s or Senator’s office and stand up or sit in.

Once he is sworn in, he will have to be impeached in the House of Representatives, and tried and convicted in the Senate  for us to stop him. With our Republicans not as ethical as in the days of Watergate, we will be stuck with all the horrors his administration will create.

He is now threatening Hillary with criminal charges if she continues to participate in the vote count in three states. What more do you want, Trump voters? Blackmailing the losing candidate? Is this enough?

The Electoral College can stop this nightmare before more damage is done.

Trump: Living Justification for the Electoral College
Trump: Living Justification for the Electoral College

Here’s a list of a few of the offenses he has committed against American civilization already.

*Invited America-hating, murderous Philippines President Duterte to visit him in the White House. 2 Why this is important: The Fourteenth Amendment guarantees citizens Due Process. This means that if you are charged with a crime, you have the right to defend yourself under the Constitution. The government cannot just go around making up the rules as they go along. Which means they can’t go around murdering “drug dealers” with impunity.
*Appointed a general as Secretary of Defense who says, “I like shooting people,” and who presides over mass murder.

* Appointed as Secretary of State a man who thinks that birth control should be made illegal.
Why this is important: 1) Families like to control the number of children they have; and 2) We don’t want our teenagers having babies while they are still children themselves.

*Does not care how much terrible trouble he and his family cause for our largest city, New York City, by requiring that he lives in his penthouse.
Why this is important: 1) The City will end up paying for all the costs of each of Trump’s trips home; and 2) How many other expenses will DT cause the taxpayers to assume?

*Do you want to look at that stupid face for another 4 years?
Why this is important: He was triggering PTSD nightmares that were so bad I fell out of bed trying to escape and bruised myself badly. And generally, EWWWWWWWWW to seeing a sexual predator on TV and all over the Internet every day.

*I will add to this page as time permits.


  1. “On Monday, Trump adviser and confidante Roger Stone said on The Steve Malzberg Show that by participating in the recount, “Hillary, I think, increases her chances of prosecution by acting this way.” He alleged, without offering any proof, that Clinton or George Soros must be secretly financing Stein’s recount. Trump, during the presidential campaign, had repeatedly said he would appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton’s alleged “crimes,” but has suggested since the election that he is not interested in hurting the Clintons.” “Bill Schuette, the attorney general of Michigan, said that the recount, initiated by Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, put Michigan voters at risk of “paying millions and potentially losing their voice in the Electoral College in the process.”  “This court cannot allow a dilatory and frivolous request for a recount by an aggrieved party to silence all Michigan votes for president,” Mr. Schuette, a Republican, said in a court filing.”
  2. President-elect Donald Trump has reportedly invited Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte — the man who told President Obama to “go to hell” and threatened to “break up” with America — for a meeting at the White House next year,
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