Electoral College, time to do your job!

Our teachers told us that the Electoral College was an institution mandated to protect us from tyranny. Time for you Electors to Step Up! Many states have laws that do not hold their electors to the electoral college vote. Sign here now, or see a link at the bottom of the page.

The Founding Father’s design has faltered and no one seems to be paying attention. The Powers that Be tell us that Trump’s election is a done deal. Not so fast, PTB!

There’s a lot of political theatre out there telling us that Republicans and Democrats are equally divided. That’s just not true. Look at the results of many important initiatives and bills that we voted on that fateful Nov. 8 day. minimum wage increases, cannabis legalization, and a host of others.

The House of Representatives, elected by equal numbers of population, is tilted towards the right because of gerrymandering. The Senate? Pshaw. Even when a party has a majority in the Senate, Senators made up the 60 vote rule. This means that 41 Senators can block ANYTHING the American people want. THIS is why we have gridlock. Our ruling institutions have rendered themselves ineffective. The Supreme Court is nothing more than a political rubber stamp for the Right, now that Mitch McConnell betrayed us by not permitting a vote on a standard conservative judge, Merrick Garland. The truth is that EVERYTHING is tilted towards the right except the American people, even many who voted for Trump. I hear you, brothers and sisters, but the party’s over. The Orange One is no messiah.

Now, our political fate is tied to a carnival barker whose random acts resulted in an alleged vote for the President.

Now, Electors, do your job and protect us from the tsunami of hate headed our way. A safety pin won’t protect anyone.

Here’s an article from Foxnews.com about work underway right now to get the Electors to stop this runaway Trump nightmare.

Please go here and sign the petition at change.org. The world will thank you for your work.

Electoral College, time to do your job!

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