It’s a Trumpster Fire of a Convention

I am rendered speechless by the overt hate shown at the Republican Convention. But I can still type.

I started out as a Republican at age 16. I was told that Republicans held the moral high ground. That lasted until Watergate, more or less. I have never looked back. But, so help me goddess, I could never imagine what we have seen in Cleveland this week. This is at last, sadly, undeniably, an orange Hitler at the head of the party of Lincoln, who is transforming normal citizens into a mob, complete with pitchforks, tar, and feathers.

Earlier tonight, someone asked if Trump knew there was an audience outside the Convention Hall.

Today, Trump made sure that the world knew that: you thought blacks were lazy, and that you would restore order the day after your (gulp) inauguration, save us Jesus. There’s your anti-Christ. Lucifer II, Donald Trump. According to Boehner’s thinking, Ted Cruz IS Lucifer. Hon. Boehner did not know just how bad it could get. Lucifer II one step away from the nuclear codes. Let’s just go for it already and send the asteroid…OR

Go get Trump and hold him to account for the pain and hate he has stirred worldwide. One of his surrogates said it would be OK to do X to Hillary. FBI now investigating.

Not too late for Republicans to nominate Bernie. Just sayin’

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