GOP says overhaul, wants to cut taxes more because that has worked so well during the last 50 years

Reeling From 2016 Chaos, G.O.P. Mulls Overhaul of Primaries Guess what kind of overhaul they think they want? Keep more people from voting. That is their sole political strategy. I wouldn’t mind if they were only willing to pay their fair share. None of us should ever pay more than a dime extra in taxes, but we should pay what we owe.

My father used to say, “Deb, I hope you have to pay a million in taxes.” I thought that was a fair exchange. After all, a million in taxes means you grossed $15 million damn dollars in long term capital gain tax rate. Sheesh. No one works harder to stay alive than the unemployed and disabled among us.

Cry me a river about your tax free $14,000,000 annual income.

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