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A Blogspot Blog: Political Lobby 10. Was a Yahoo Group from the early 2000s until early 2008, when Yahoo was taken over by the right. We were Democratic to Social Libertarian in our views. The right wing trolls beat up on us for four years that I know of.

Here’s my stories about that

http://politicallobby10.blogspot.com/?zx=b7c0be04696646e1 otherwise known as if I can’t dance, it isn’t my revolution!

This was a Dogma and me project. Dogma being the lightening fast mind that she was. I lost touch with her as my health deteriorated and I got a call from them that Dogma was very ill. I tried to go up and couldn’t. Too sick myself. Always feel sorry about that.

I have published papers at www.academia.edu as Deborah Lagutaris and Olivia LaRosa.

Fact-Based Initiatives

It was in the second year of Bush’s absolutely awful second term and the religious extremists were mobbing our schools and public areas trying to enforce some made-up fundamentalist code of behavior on everyone else.

We had been struggling against a horde of right-wing orcs for more than two years then.We began to detect a pattern in their questions and deduced that source material existed for this.

One Sunday, one of our brave band of progressives went to a local church fair. The Young Republicans were handing out Chat Room Scripts. He provided me with a scanned copy of the Script. I provide it and a transcription HERE.

We chatters just wanted to keep abreast of the news. We were commonly aware of world events four hours or four days before … you get the picture…than the mainstream media reports them. This international group spanned the globe, popular anywhere English was spoken.

I had friends in the UK, Romania, Hungary, Germany, Egypt, Israel, Yemen, (not Saudi Arabia – that place seems just creepy) Lahore, Pakistan, Mumbai, India, Australia, New Zealand (charming people,) Hawaii, and all across North America. Really, you Canadian folk are so polite and advanced and funny. I told my roommates I wanted to be smuggled into Canada. They said, you don’t need to be smuggled into Canada. I said, Well, that’s the way I want to go, so they promised to do it for me. When the trolls weren’t there it was so much fun to chat with these people who were all…so much like me.

That is the biggest lesson I have learned in my decidedly odd life. People are all pretty much alike in their desires. They want to work for decent living that allows time for family activities like swimming, paddle ball, museums and libraries, beach balls, ocean waves, kite-flying at Crissy Field, &c.


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