Stardate: May Day



What a lovely date! May 1 is the real Labor Day all over the rest of the world, but not in the USA.

Why? Because we do not honor our workers. The apex of workers’ rights protection occured in 1936 with the passage of the Wagner Act. That Act protected workers’ rights to organize and bargain collectively. Anyone who thinks that he and an employer are both equally empowered is doomed to a low retirement income.

The forces of evil immediately began planning how to hamstring the rights given to workers in 1936. Only 12 years after its passage, the Wagner Act was supplanted by the Taft-Hartley Act. This act undercut workers’ rights by shifting the burden of proof to the individual worker and away from the corporation.

The moral of the story? 1948 inaugurated the destruction of worker rights in the USA. My coursework in US Labor History and US Labor Law demonstrates the volcanic downward pressure on human freedom and human liberty.

Even the anti-human right wingers in my Labor Law class were satisfied that the labor movement is nearly dead. Victory over the public servant worker organizations is all that remains for the complete destruction of the worker protections that people fought and died for.

Myth 1: Government employees are harder to fire than private sector employees.

As an employee you should know for example that your First Amendment Rights AND your Second Amendment Rights are meaningless at work. Happily, labor and employment law protects your 14th Amendment rights of Due Process and Equal Protection. Every single one of us has those protections, unless we waived them when we signed that at-will employment contract of adhesion.

Government workers are protected better than private sector workers because government emloyers are expected to adhere to our laws. Nothing more, nothing less. Labor law allows the employer and the employee the ability to communicate necessary information without jumping prematurely to termination.

At most, the employer need only have three formal discussions with an employee before termination.

Analysis: complaints about lazy government employees are aimed at destruction of not just government worker rights, but all worker rights.  See: The public unions must be destroyed. 

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