Living Frugal #1

Monica, I remember a conversation we had last year. You said that you were aiming for a “uniform,” clothing you could just wear and not stress out about. I have been keeping this thought in mind as I adapt my wardrobe for maximum comfort and at least a bit of style. I have mobility disabilities and three upcoming surgeries.

I have not been able to work outside the home since 2009. I did not know what was wrong with me, and neither did my doctors. I learned in early 2014 that I had lumbar stenosis with severe neurogenic claudication. Silly me. I was calling it “thing that hurt like a sumbeach.” I had never even heard of the condition until my MRI results came in.

On December 20, 2013 I went to ER with bone-grinding body-wide relentless pain that had been coming on with ever more frequency and intensity over the past several years. From that visit I was diagnosed with LS, but not a severely degenerated left hip. It is a textbook example of a deeply deteriorated function. The pain is immense and constant punctuated by jarring shocks from my movements. Sometimes I worry that the ball or socket will just give away one day because there’s nothing left to hold them together.

I need to limit physical and emotional stress due to non-essential tasks. I am learning to delegate, now that I have some In Home Health Care support.

Freya helped me get rid of 3/4 of my wardrobe before my move to Richmond. I love looking in my closet now. I see more items that I can release.

Now it seems to me that I was keeping all those clothes just because I liked a certain aspect of the item. ¬†Perhaps the color, perhaps the cut, or the ruffle. Turns out I wasn’t as attached to them as I thought. And for the ADD person, simplicity is necessary.

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