The people of Israel are out on the street!

OMG. Look at this. The people of Israel are out on the street! This is horrifying.

What will Netanyahu do next with his power? Set off those nukes toward Iran? You know he’s dying to do it.

Netanyahu is psycho. Who allows him to remain in power? Gee, I don’t know. What do you think? Could it be the American taxpayer? Could he be close buddies with John Kerry?

Tell Washington that their Israeli friends are no longer welcome to our money.

If we stop this blood and treasure relationship, we could fix our roads and hire more teachers. Why? Because we could stop paying Egypt too. As you know, Egypt receives the second highest foreign aid package in the world.

If Israel got $3 billion, Egypt got $2,000,000,000. That’s ten figures. How many figures do you make per year? I had to type it out the long way so I could remember just how much money a billion was. I am becoming numb to this billion figure, which kind of shocks me.

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