No one cares about Joni Ernst – not even the Koch Bros.

by Olivia LaRosa, October 28,2014

Since the candidacy of Joni Ernst for the office of US Senator came to my attention, I started sampling coverage of her campaign through news media feeds.

Here are the things I have learned:

Joni spends most of her time thanking the 20 people who show up at her rallies.

Joni has no bills in mind to pass.

Joni swallows all of that bogus John Bircher nonsense Koch people feed her. Joni may know that the Koch Brothers are paying the bills for her candicacy but she doesn’t care. Joni is just a Koch Brothers puppet.

Joni is scary. Joni’s kinda dumb. Joni is unfit to sit within the US Senate.

Joni knows nothing about governance except how to get a county job and award her dad with contracts.

Joni likes living on the same block where she grew up because she knows where the cracks in the sidewalk occur.

Joni makes most of her political decisions based on what’s good for the place where she lives and the people in her immediate family.

Joni and her husband have been Federal employees their whole lives. Joni was in the National Guard during the Iraq wars but did not hold a combat role. Joni likes to exaggerate. Who’s supping more at the government’s trough? Them or me?

Joni takes money from chemical company mouthpieces. How much more cancer can your family take on her behalf?

Marco Rubio comes to your state to applaud the fact that if Joni is elected you can fire Harry Reid. 1) There is no assurance that would happen. 2) How does Harry Reid’s position affect your everyday life?

But finally, at the end, no one is reading Joni’s press releases and no one is supporting her corrupt donors.

So far the only reference to beauty Ernst has made has been in reference to her concealed-carry weapon.

I can’t believe that any responsible citizen would vote for a cardboard cutout from the Koch Brothers campaign.

Even if Bruce Braley sits on his butt for six years he will cause less damage to Iowa and the US if he is elected. Joni Ernst is a corporate puppet and death will follow in her wake. As you may know, the chemical industry is one of her top contributors.

This is why the chemical industry pays so much for lobbyists. They have both ends of the cancer market, the cause and the cure, and they want to keep it that way.

Ernst is a voluntary chemical corporation lobbyist and nothing more.






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