The Man: Another Entry in the Series: NSFW

By Olivia LaRosa, circa 2012

(I have read this paragraph a hundred times over the years since I published it. It still turns my stomach.) OLE 2014

This man, a gynecologist, wore a tiny camera in his tie. With the tiny camera, he captured pictures of the genitals of women and girls for his private amusement. He was in a position of power and he abused that power with base motives.

His hospital, Johns Hopkins, will pay $190,000,000 (One hundred ninety million dollars) in an attempt to right the wrongs.

Surely, it would have been easier to run diagnostic psych tests on persons who become doctors than pay out the vast sums of money demanded by the legal system to punish their behavior. We are not even paying out enough to repair the damage they create, let alone to insure prosperity in the wake of punishing the corrupt.

For an example, see Rick Scott, the Tea Party Governor of Florida. His company paid a HEFTY fine for defrauding medicare. Scott took the 5th amendment scores of times when held to account. Still, Floridians voted him in on the froth of a Tea Party wave in 2010. Let’s get rid of Rick, and all the other misery governors elected over the last 10 years with funds provided by the Koch Bros and others of their ilk.

Money should’t be used to moderate our access to food, water, shelter, and education. Those components, delivered in sufficient amounts nearly assure a healthy, well-adjusted family group.

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