7 Reasons to Put Aside Partisan Bickering. Act now. Tonight only, Free Bonus Reasons!

by Olivia LaRosa, aka Mr. Wolf. August 19, 2014

I read the news today, oh boy. Every day, I am more convinced that the harm done by racism and discrimination has not abated one bit since the beginning of time. This harm will lead to the destruction of humankind. With the destruction of humankind, billions of other creatures will perish. Misery will follow for a million years.

Right now, we are facing seriously horrifying global crises. We, meaning the big rich countries, have the means to limit or stop the harm of these crises. But what are we doing instead? Falling prey to those willing to believe the lies of corporate PR staff. This malarky makes us believe that people who don’t look or act like us are the source of our problems.

In a way, it’s true. The people who are pumping the world full of dangerous chemicals and making us like it are mass murderers. Mass murderers don’t act like me. I am not a mass murderer type, so I don’t understand why this is OK.

It is clear that mass murderers come in all colors, but they are unanimous in their belief that you should support them in luxury. To do that, they employ the tactics of hate mongering so that we will hate our neighbor and love our tormentors. I don’t get that either.

1. At this moment in time, rivers across North America are befouled with toxic heavy minerals and cancer-causing petrochemicals released from breached dams in the slag ponds of mines.


2. Vast explosions of methane gas occur in the Siberian sea.

3. Recently, methane gas explosion “craters” are discovered in Siberia.  We knew this was coming.

4. The Great Barrier Reef may not survive.

5. Ebola has evolved and has learned how to leave its host alive long enough to infect others. God did that, right?

6. Our food is full of chemicals and contaminants that we don’t know about, even now.

7. Nearly everybody gets cancer. My grandparents never heard of it.

Plus, today only, free bonus reasons.

8. We are killing off the cetaceans!

9. Michael Brown, Ferguson, MO

Etc., please. So many terrible things happening that we are trained to ignore.

It really doesn’t matter why this is happening. All I know is that we can work together to ease the pain. Hey, people, we can cooperate and survive. Let’s give it a try.

Most people remember one big crisis in their childhoods. Born in 1951, I spent my first decade either praying that Jesus, who was in my room, would keep the bomb from falling out of the sky, or hoping that the giant ant under the bed would not eat my grandmother as she came in to kiss me goodnight. Even as wee tykes, we knew that Duck-and-Cover was a load of horse pucky.

Grandma gave us three good night kisses each night. We got the first kiss at our nominal bedtime, which I remember as being at 8 or 9. She tucked us in and reminded us that she would be back for our second kiss at 9:15. So we settled down because we knew Grandma was coming back. But we were definitely waiting for her return!

Sometimes we were jumping up and down on our beds between kiss one and two, but that was OK with Grandma as long as we didn’t take it too far.

We got our second good night kiss, and snuggled down under the covers some more. I remember lots of third kisses, but not all.

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