Eleven reasons to avoid being Republican or Republican-like

Everyone knows that a successful political party in the 21st century welcomes women’s voices and power, is smart to listen to our scholars and scientists, and actively avoids creating harm for its citizens.

So below, gathered from news of just the last 18 days, are eleven reasons that you should leave the sinking ship of the GOP, whether you be male or female. This slander and libel is beyond the pale of civilized behavior. Shame on its perpetrators. These insane laws proposed and passed aren’t being enacted for the benefit of the public, that’s for sure. You don’t have to believe me. Here’s the evidence.

By Olivia LaRosa, May 25, 2014

1. Look at this nauseating smear image against a brilliant and hardworking woman, a single mother of two, who worked her way up to Harvard Law School and was elected to public office in the great state of Texas. That is an accomplishment beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. Here is how the Republican Party treats this public-spirited, empathetic woman who supports working families. The shame.

Wendy Davis “welcomed” to LA with “Abortion Barbie” poster

2. Republican Party of Colorado hosts “Dating Game” meet-your-representative event. With music from the 1970’s game show as an accompaniment, no less. I am sure the “ladies” were “heartbroken” that Tom “I’m too mean to live” Tancredo didn’t show.

Ridiculous “Dating Game” format for meeting GOP candidates

3. One of the many right-wing columnists at the Washington Post has to lay out 20 rules for tin-eared Republican candidates.

It includes flat-out lies like this one:

You can’t say it enough: School reform is the civil rights issue of our times. Democrats want to keep kids (mostly poor minorities) in crummy public schools; Republicans don’t.

How is school “reform” a civil rights issue? The only rights the Republican is protecting are those of private actors who have withdrawn support for the great engine of American growth, our fine public school system, and are vacuuming those funds up and offshore as fast as they can. Don’t get me started on these private religious school curricula that seem set on destroying reason and debasing scientific inquiry. And why didn’t this columnist say which party had the tin-eared politicians?

20 Tips for (GOP) Tin-Eared Politicians

4. Republicans, destroyers of the Veterans’ Administration, are ready to fall upon it’s carcass so it can be privatized, but not willing to vote it the money it needs to actually help our veterans. Here’s the video evidence on a US Senate website. You don’t have to believe me.

Video of GOP Congressman denying funding to VA

5. through 10. 5 Crazy Laws Passed by the GOP

  • “Stand your ground” even if it isn’t your ground
  • Homeless people not allowed to own stuff
  • Oklahoma bans minimum wage increase
  • Oklahoma punishes in-state wind and solar power producers
  • Tennessee outlaws high-speed mass transit

11. No, really. He thinks that homosexuals should be stoned to death. He also called 911 on a group of Hispanic people gathering in front of a store before it opened. Ya think it’s likely that they might be lining up for a) a chance to be the first in the store for the sale, or b) hoping for a job, or c) starting the revolution. He said, “C”. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/06/11/1306184/-Oklahoma-candidate-thinks-stoning-homosexuals-to-death-is-A-OK?detail=email#

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