Hoist on their own petard: Republicans without IDs turned away from polls

By Olivia LaRosa, May 21, 2014

The Constitution was written before the Industrial Revolution. Republicans want you to believe that such an ancient document needs no modern interpretation. To which you should reply: “Nonsense.”

I will be keeping track of the embarrassments Republicans are suffering because of their racist and sexist “voter fraud” laws. There are many embarrassments already. I regret having to write about this. Our right to vote is constitutionally guaranteed.Should not even be a topic in dispute in the 21st century.

Yes, I know I have to get a driver’s license to operate a car, but the driver’s license is a privilege, not a right. This means that the comparison between a voting right and holding a driver’s license is meaningless, like apples and alligators.

(Republican governor of Arkansas) Asa Hutchinson was turned away from the polls because he didn’t have proper ID as required under Arkansas’s Voter ID Law. Given Asa’s support for making it harder for Arkansans to cast a ballot, you’d think he would have been prepared to produce his ID at the polls.
Asa Hutchinson?
A: I support the voter id law. The integrity of the ballot box is essential to democracy. #AskAsaAR [Twitter, 8/28/2013]

We hope Asa’s experience at the polls yesterday will cause him to reevaluate the unnecessary burden the Voter ID law places on senior citizens, students and those serving in the military. Arkansas’s Voter ID law was ruled unconstitutional and is still under review.

I wonder if he stills supports the law now.

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