The Big Lie

Kkkarl Rove, the Minister of Disinformation for the psycho wing of the Republican Party, is now claiming that a small problem last year makes 67-year-old Hillary Clinton unsuitable to be President.

There are a number of reasons that Hillary Clinton is not a proper presidential candidate. The first reason: her husband was President of the United States. What is this nonsense? Are we back to the Divine Right of Kings? A nobility that has entitled itself to rule?

In the United States of America, the “greatest country on earth,” you can’t tell me that we are doomed to have either Clintons or Bushes in the White House. Even Barbara Bush says that it is not appropriate for Jeb to run.

Yet, in their apparent desperation to hold onto power at any cost, both parties can’t seem to move beyond the 1980s. Jeb is being touted as The One. Hillary is being touted as The One. This is mere political theatre. The two parties play good cop-bad cop on us while never actually solving any problems for anyone except major corporations. Makes it darn near impossible to keep your eye on the ball.

In my humble opinion, we have lost any pretense at being a democracy. Wait a minute, righties. We have also lost any pretense at being a republic. We are nothing but cogs in an oligarchical wheel that leaves everyone but the ultra rich in a ditch.

Here’s my work for today; comments at the Washington Post on an article about Karl Rove’s complaints about Hillary Clinton.

Karl Rove’s aim with these outrageous claims is not to be proven right. He is engaged in the task of giving people who agree with him a talking point that reinforces their prejudices and lets them pretend they are engaged in political debate. It’s called, of course, The Big Lie.

You can trust a Clinton about as much as a Bush –The terms of the Great Debate keep narrowing and shifting in favor of the already-rich. The two parties are just playing good cop-bad cop with the American people, and indeed the world. Even worse, they have closed the gate behind them with an Elections Code that can vary from one side of the street to the other.

“What difference does it make?” is a classic libertarian dodge often employed by Penn of Penn and Teller. Teller never speaks, so it ain’t him. But you know when someone says that, they are avoiding the meat of the question.

Duh, She’s wearing those glasses as part of the theatre. She’s looking smart and geeky in the cokebottle lenses. They are just reading glasses you can buy for a dollar almost anywhere. Notice H’s hair is NEVER THE SAME. She reinvents herself every day. Kinda scary.

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