6:40PM PST – the budgie saga #1

by Olivia LaRosa, May 5, 2014

Today I decided to begin a journal about joys I experience because I keep budgies as pets. You may know them as parakeets. I prefer the term “budgie” because the shape of the word mirrors the shape of their plump little bodies. When they are cold or tired, they often shorten the length of their bodies and fluff up so that they resemble chickadees more than budgies. They provide me with endless hours of free entertainment that does not interfere with my work.

One is unlikely to find a budgie, say, sprawled across one’s keyboard, or a budgie’s cold nose pressed against the bottom of one’s arm. The perfect pet for introverts!

the girls Pinky and Pia
the girls Pinky and Pia

I find the budgies most attractive of these South American, Asian, and Australian hookbill birds. They are also among the smallest of the hookbills, which means minimal cleanup is necessary.

Budgie mimics quail
Budgie mimics quail

My budgies have the run of the “studio” in my studio apartment. They are not interested in entering the kitchen or the hallway. They keep to their cage; or they sit on a curtain rod I hung for them up at a high point on their favorite perch wall.

The Family - Pinky, Pia, and Chickie
The Family – Pinky, Pia, and Chickie: Pinky and Pia are girls, Chickie is a boy

2013-01-02 17.16.29

Presently, I am designing a way to give them their own smaller space in the room so I can keep the rest of the room sanitary for guests. I am not sure that this is a problem yet or the solution might do more harm than good. Maybe I just vacuum every day, and clean the carpet once a month.

Last week I felt quite well, enough to spend one or two hours on my feet straightening and cleaning for four (separated) days. Slowly, I am regaining control of my environment. IMG_0163

Friends are helping me. One of them brought me a beautiful elegant hardly-used wheelchair for me to take to Petaluma tomorrow. I did not want to have a change of plans or a breakdown on the way to Petaluma to cause me to think I need to walk anywhere. I need wheels! So now I have them!

I got the wheelchair because I pulled a thorn from a lion’s paw three years ago.

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