Let’s opt out of Michelle Rhee

By Olivia LaRosa, April 4, 2014

Every day, I receive emails from the Washington Post, the New York Times, and the Guardian UK, to mention a few. Today, Michelle Rhee popped up again like a bad penny in Washington DC via the WaPo Op-Ed page. They thought they got rid of her when she left after rumors of a high-stakes test cheating scandal that occurred during her Superintendency of the DC school district.

Michelle Rhee is just another anti-worker, anti-union, anti-child, anti-education tool. Michelle Rhee is transparently dishonest in her representation of her interests. It surely isn’t the education of our children. Rather, it’s how corporations can steal more of the public commons with impunity.

These standardized tests were developed originally to test the health of the educational system as a whole. In other words, a snapshot of the system. They were NOT meant as a tool to micromanage personnel or change teaching criteria.

See this example of typical high-stakes testing. Check out the garbage test that these children had to take. Someone is paying out our tax dollars to crooked educational contractors. See this article in NY Mag describing the disgraceful test administered to an affluent school district. Park Slope Parents and Teachers Protesting ‘Terrible Test’. I want to know who authorized this spending and I want them jailed for the same amount of time that the students and teachers had to waste on this mess.

I want to read another Michelle Rhee op-ed about as much as I want to read another Charles Koch op-ed. You can read her insincere blather here, and you can also read the comments of a lot of people who are in the know about Michelle Rhee’s dishonesty and malfeasance.

Please read the original here

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