On Raising the Minimum Wage

@james schroeder, thank you for saying all that so I don’t have to. In end-stage monopoly capitalism, workers’ wages are never going to go up because the corporations have won the “race to the bottom” in regard to labor costs. The only times we see workers consistently winning wage increases that somewhat correspond to their productivity is when unions are strong. Unions indirectly establish(ed) a range for all workers through those negotiations. But if you look really hard at the overall equation, if you are a corporation with 10,000 workers, and you make $1 an hour from each worker’s labor, you make $10,000 PER HOUR. But of course, that’s never enough for those playing these high-stakes games with our lives. Why not make $2 an hour off your 10,000 employees, they say?

Ted Cruz channels Sarah Palin
I’ll note that that poll was very heavily weighted with an awful lot of Democrats, with an awful lot of Obama supporters, and 20 percent of the people polled were government workers… If you seek out liberal Obama supporters and ask them their views, they’re going to tell you they’re liberal Obama supporters. That’s not reflective of where this country is.


Noam Chomsky has admitted the serious error he made in underestimating the genocidal impulses of Pol Pot. Otherwise, he is perfect and should be forgiven one error. After all, who among us can cast the first stone?

What else ya got?


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