If We Cut Aid to Egypt’s Military, Would We Die?: The Israel-Saudi Arabia-US Geopolitical Complex

by Olivia LaRosa*, August 19, 2013

This afternoon I received an email headed If We Cut Aid to Egypt’s Military, Would We Die?

Here’s the article: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/08/19/1232299/-If-We-Cut-Aid-to-Egypt-s-Military-Would-We-Die Of course, cutting aid to Egypt might be a good idea. On the other hand…

I am taking the wider view: the geopolitical balance in the Mideast, tenuous as it is, would be shattered if the US cut off aid to Egypt. Many of us remember that Egypt has been a close second behind the number 1 recipient of foreign aid, Israel, for decades.

If Israel got $3 billion, Egypt got $2 billion, including the latest toys of destruction. Saudi Arabian kings control US oil policy. Jordan is the new home to millions of refugees from Palestine, Iran, Iraq, Israel, and Lebanon. Syrians are killed by the thousands and their towns are in ruins.

The US armed both sides in the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s. Bush Sr. and King Abdullah are best buddies and likewise George Jr. Members of the Bin Ladin family were the only ones who flew out of the US right after 911.

Let’s call it rather the Israel-Saudi Arabia-US Geopolitical Complex.  All sides of THAT are funded by US aid too. The idea is to keep everyone there hating one another so they cannot unite against a common enemy: those who control the global energy and military corporations.

A mere glance at a world map confirms the critical position of these nations at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Their recorded histories are among the oldest on earth.  The cradle of Western Civilization is being damaged beyond repair and restoration by the insane acts of the psychopathic rich who must control every aspect of life on the planet, or kill us trying. Notably, their children do not go to war.

Simply put, the corporations that control global trade cannot afford to stop funding every actor in the Middle East in order to make certain that the area is torn by constant civil wars. You may want to quibble with my use of the word civil war, but what else would you call a ten-year long war between Iran and Iraq? What else would you call keeping your own citizens in a concentration camp for three generations in Palestine?

So, we can decide to cut aid to Egypt, but we have no say in the matter.

*who says? me.

  • BA, Political Science, Sociology of Law, 20th Century History, UC Santa Barbara
  • JD, UC Hastings College of the Law
  • LLM candidate International Taxation and Financial Institutions,Thomas Jefferson School of Law
  • 30 years experience in responsible positions in Banking, Real Estate, and Mortgage industries
  • economics and international law geek


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