The Man #6: Norfolk VA PD: Rape victims are guilty until proven innocent

AlteNet / By Jodie Gummow

Raped in Virginia? Prepare to Be Doubted—Until Recently Virginia Police Policy Was to “Assume All Rape Victims Are Lying”

Until last week, Norfolk, VA classified all sexual assault claims as “unfounded” by default

August 14, 2013  |

 The police department in Norfolk, Virginia, was forced to evaluate its sexual assault policy last week following a rape case in which officers did not believe a victim’s story and closed her file while her attacker – a serial rapist – was still on the loose.

According to Think Progress, the 22-year-old rape victim, who reported the sexual assault immediately after her attack, was told by police, “If we find out that you’re lying, this will be a felony charge”.

Please read the rest here at Alternet.

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