Charles Hagel’s Wheel of Good Fortune

Just think what a plum the guy who thought this up got on his thumb!

By Olivia LaRosa

December 27, 2012

Chuck Hagel, a lifelong Republican, is the heir apparent for the role of Secretary of Defense in Obama’s second term. This is a man who has fed at the public trough for a goodly portion of his life and spent the rest of the time exploiting it to his personal benefit.

He served in VietNam, and he survived, unlike the 57,000 brave or innocent American soldiers and 2,000,000 brave or innocent Vietnamese who did not. He then went from staff to a New York Republican Congressman to a lucrative stint as a lobbyist for Firestone Tires.

Hagel was an early proponent of privatizing the vote… then he developed the Election Systems and Software Corporation. He made a bundle, as they say. And then, two weeks after he resigned from the voting machine corporation, he declared his candidacy for the Senate.

Ronnie Dugger’s article “Annals of Democracy: Counting Votes” was written during the infancy of the electronic vote counting machine. His work presaged Florida in Election 2000.¬†

Everything you read in this article by Ronnie Dugger will sound familiar.

Just think what a plum the guy who thought this up got on his thumb! A Senate seat and molto millions of dollars to boot. They figured out a way to steal our votes and our money at the same time. Brilliant.

And now, they want to make this “businessman” the Secretary of Defense. Let’s just cut out the middleman and pay him $100 billion directly from the Treasury, then tell him to go away. Maybe then we won’t have to kill so many people outside our borders to justify the transfer of our commonwealth to pirates and banksters.

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