The Invisible Hand #3

The Invisible Hand #3
By Olivia LaRosa
November 3, 2012

There is a hand that guides the market. That hand is the one that’s always out; the hand that always needs more money without working for it. I don’t mean people on welfare, I mean people who are so insanely rich that they can afford to build an elevator for their Cadillacs.

No unifying organization is necessary to guide the market. There are some, but they are not necessary. There’s the World Trade Organization, The Trilateral Commission, The World Economic Forum, The Bilderburg Group, The Bohemian Grove Society, and derivative organizations at every level of society.

People united by greed, avarice, and resentment all follow the same plan. The plan is to figure out the most efficient ways to part us from our money so they can stuff it into their overstuffed rampant pockets.

I am not speaking of you; I am speaking of people who can never have enough money or enough power and control over others, who will do anything to increase that money, power, and control.

These people do not care that our schools are rat-infested or our hospitals responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths per year.

They are personified by the Republican candidate for President, Mitt Romney, just as they were by Reagan and the Bush family. Romney’s insincerity is obvious. The only time I have seen him speak naturally was in his 47% speech.

I became politically aware in the late 1960s. There was still a sense that human rights should prevail after the entire world suffered under the hundreds of genocides that occurred during WWII. Republicans helped to craft and pass environmental protection and consumer protection laws that have saved millions of lives.

Of course, I know many Republican Party adherents who are interested in protecting our resources and future, who have dignity and integrity. But I no longer view the Republican Party as a civilized organization.

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