The Invisible Hand #2

This is #2 in a multi-part series.

Part One is HERE.

I am writing this for my friends who have done well economically and prospered due to their talents and tenacity.

Your interests are no more the interests of the top 1% than mine are. The policies of the top 1% will further impoverish your fans, customers, patients, and tenants.

The top 1% has removed their insanely huge capital gains and passive income from the reach of any country. The money that they have deposited in secret bank accounts in tax havens exceeds the annual gross national product of both the United States and Japan. You may want to read that again. You may want to verify my statement. Here you go:

I think it is an admirable personal trait to make sure that you do not pay more tax than you owe. I am a tax practitioner and when I prepare a tax return, that is my goal. I aggressively seek information from my clients that will lower their legitimate and honest tax burden. In other words, I help you to pay your fair share, but not a penny more.

But the key issue is whether you benefit more from having a few hundred dollars more in your pocket this year, or having an effective government that is well-funded to help its citizens recover from natural and man-made disasters.

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