ADD Pharmaceutic Effect Report

I am “on” ADD pharmaceuticals. I first learned of my condition at the age of 54. I have been taking the medications as prescribed for six years now. I am more happy and better adjusted to my community than I have been for years. The “speed” in the medicine slows down the mental input to the ADD person for some unknown reason.

Ritalin has been used since 1954 with few ill effects. Regrettably, some people developed dangerous dependencies on the drug.

I have yet, to date, to hear of a case where a person who developed a dependency was an ADD brain.

This is because someone who is not ADD will react normally to an amphetamine: charged up, bubbly, energetic, perhaps a bit manic. For me, and my many ADD friends, no such dependency or reaction occurs. Rather, we experience the ability to shut down or minimize the input so we can focus and complete our work, whatever that may be.

I refrain from taking my medication two days a week so that I can think in my customary mode. I do not feel deprived without them, but when I begin to take them again I feel better. I think that is what medicine should do, how about you?

After taking the short-acting drug Methlyn for three years, and finding the 3-pill-a-day regimen difficult to manage, I asked my doctor if (insert name of extended timed release amphetamine here) might help my compliance. He agreed to the experiment. I have been a much more stable person since I began the pill that allows me to concentrate at a deep level. Before, that kind of luxury of open roaming though only came during long drives.

I took my last long drive in 2008. I hit the road from Half Moon Bay, off to Grand Junction, CO, to serve in the Election Protection trenches at polling places earlier demonstrated designs to keep people from voting who looked like they might disagree with them. I have written about this assignment in other places.

It is a hard two-day drive to Grand Junction. I stopped in Cedar City, Utah for the night, got back in the car in the early morning, and arrived after dark to my assigned office and crashpad in the home of a lovely Democratic activist named Joan, and her Republican husband named Frank.

Why oh why am I telling you all this? you wonder sadly. Well, its about having time to reconsider the mental shortcuts I have had to take when working in a tense situation. It is a luxury to be able to look back and review my actions to see if I learned any lessons to apply to the future.

I get that by hopping in a car with a French Vanilla capucchino from ARCO that I picked up while the car was filling itself with petroleum distillates and completely useless ethanol.

The ethanol just adds bulk. It adds nothing that results in combustion in your automobile’s engine. When ethanol is added to gasoline, the octane count drops, and your gas mileage goes all to heck. That’s why we don’t need to support ethanol from corn production. It’s simple. It doesn’t make any sense!

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