A Happy Holidays Gift: Jingle Bells: The Birdland Version

Peaches the cockatiel sings Jingle Bells

More birds singing, talking smack, and doing math follow.

You always thought Tweetie Bird was a canary. Guess again!

Sheldon doing the theme from Star Wars

Nanners Makes Me Roll on the Floor

Caretaker comments: I have a very smart and lovable cockatiel named Nanners. He sings “If Your Happy and You Know it Clap Your Hands and the Andy Griffith Theme Song. Listen to him say whatcha doin, hello, peek a boo, & hello pretty bird. He can also say I love you, Scooby dooby doo and hello baby.

I know you have been dying to hear a bird sing the Addams Family theme.


YellowPinkTeddy singing Addams Family after a comprehensive rendition of the Star Wars theme.

Caretaker comments: one of my cockatiel singing his about 6 month
only took him about a week to learn it smart bird XD

Need a Wolf Whister? Elvis Cornelius Sargent Major Wingnut Woodidoo Frank N. Furter Pumiluff Lord Saint Oswald Weenie Bean will oblige.

Caretaker comments: My cockatiel, Elvis Cornelius Sargent Major Wingnut Woodidoo Frank N. Furter Pumiluff Lord Saint Oswald Weenie Bean singing. Please ignore my random ‘AWW! I LOVE YOU!!!’ bits, because when this is happening live, it is very hard to put on a straight face.

My cockatiels think they are eagles!

So, if you are a cockatiel, I am your BIG BROTHER.

Cockatoos are related to cockatiels, somehow. They are bigger, smarter and more adept. They are also a major expense. Just take a look at their beaks and the cages required to contain their beaky nibbles. Their care requires the devotion you would give to a child.

Cockatoos can live for up to 70 years. Cockatiels commonly live up to 25 years, and budgies (parakeets) average only about a 5 year lifespan.

Sulphur Crested Cockatoo performing to “Eye of the Tiger.”

Anthony, you burnt the lasagne AGAIN.

Seems like these hook-bill birds are as ready for new technology as we humans. Cowboy Dancing dances to “I Whip My Hair Back and Forth.”

I missed this pop culture phenom too. Check out Snowball, the homeless sulphur-crested cockatoo, performing his Michael Jackson tribute. Snowball is now trademarked, for crying out loud! At this link you will notice that Snowball now has global recognition. His talents are now visible in a Taco Bell commercial. Pleez no mor.

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