Those Greedy Federal Employees

I have wanted to write about the demonic mythology of the right about government workers, and have included some succinct summation of sources.

These are the comments that followed the article. Mr. hill-marty, whose avatar seems to indicate that he is radioactive and toxic, got many knowledgeable responses to his, “why don’t they leave?” snark. My response is at the bottom of the page.


2:46 PM PST

If feds are unhappy, why don’t they leave? When federal employee turnover rates approach those for comparable private sector jobs, then we should talk about fed pay. Until then, it’s all swamp gas, mostly generated by feds.


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2:54 PM PST

Oil speculation by the wealthy takes a bigger slice out of working class incomes that it does the income of the wealthy even if they only get 6-10mpg in their gold Rolls Royce’s and Bentleys. The entire $1,000~$1,500 payroll/social security tax “holiday” is wasted on paying higher gas prices while starving the social security benefit fund. Starving social security, government services and domestic infrastructure investment so the US oil industry can make another $900 billion in profit, as they h…See More


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3:00 PM PST

The Feds are not so un happy about the pay freeze and paying more for retirement, as much as the only ones getting the hatchet are the Federal Employees. Why doesn’t Congress have to cut back on it’s members spending? Why are they leasing a Lexus (at taxpayer expense) while a Focus would do? Why are the taxpayers paying for Congress personal living expenses anyway? Why are we paying for their mailing costs to get re-elected? That should be limited to 2 mail outs a year, not the weekly we g…See More

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4:00 PM PST

In some jobs (short order cook, cashier) turnover poses few problems. Elsewhere it does — among traffic controllers, accountants, geologists, statisticians, and public health workers. So, let’s see, what is it that federal workers do? Are they more often short order cooks or geologists? Do you really want high rates of turnover who do these things? If so, you are simply being cranky and perverse, not thoughtful.

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4:21 PM PST

Anyone who doesn’t believe there is an assault on the middle class just has to watch the daily activities of the Republican party. They pander to their government -hating base by attacking federal workers in order to divert attention away from their own shortcomings

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4:43 PM PST

ExFed1: How true it is. What these people are not hearing about Federal Employees is the complete truth. I also agree with Linda45. One thing, by increasing the amount Feds pay in to their pension is not going to increase their retirement by one dime nor is it going to reduce the budget by one dime.

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5:29 PM PST

Sure, lets get those feds (FBI Agents, air traffic controllers, astronauts, mine safety inspectors, CIA personnel) to quit. Then when the American people don’t have these safety nets and services, let’s remind them how they loved screwing Federal employees, and cutting them out of Government. Wait until thousands die from food poisoning from China, Then we will see Americans crying to reinstate FDA employees. Republican stupidity endangers America. Experienced Federal employees ARE leaving now,…See More

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6:14 PM PST

Well, Marty, here’s the deal. 
Governments should not be run like businesses. Their aims are completely different. Until people start to grasp this principle, we are all in the handbasket together, left and right both. 
Federal employee salaries exceeded those of the private sector for many years, because really, don’t you want the most competent people working for the government? We have to have a government whether we like it or not in a nation of 300 Million people. 
The Federal Employees Pay Comparability Act of 1990 mandated that Federal Employee salaries be adjusted to conform to the those of the private sector. People like you want to change the rules under which they were hired and cut their benefits more? That’s not a good idea. It pushes the best and the brightest in government out the door with a shovel. 
Way to go, righties.  

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