They Bomb; We Meditate! Save 11/11/11 for a Flash Mob Meditation.


Flash Mob Meditation in 200+ cities around the World

Santa Barbara, California, US, is the heart of the American Environmental Movement.  Rich liberal people got oil on their beaches, and they got mad in 1969 when an oil spill killed off the birds and fish who made their lives right. ~Olivia

Santa Barbara, California, November 1, 2011.

On November 11, 2011 thousands of people in over 200 cities will meditate in highly visible public places around the world, including the De La Guerra Plaza in Santa Barbara, City Hall in Austin, Texas, Occupy Wallstreet in NY, Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, the Coliseum in Rome, Sydney, Copenhagen, and San Paulo.

On Friday the 11th, in De La Guerra Plaza, a group of sitting meditators will exude an inner peace, strength, & happiness intended to brighten the day of every observer. The mediation will last for an hour and will be closed with a sound bath of 11 minutes. Thousands of Santa Barbara residents and tourists will be exposed to a tidal wave of silence and bliss they may have never experienced before. The intention of the flash mob is to expose the world to meditation and expand positive vibrations to every walk of life.

This movement, called MedMob, started in January 2011 when 60 people attended a meditation flash mob at the Texas State Capitol. It grew to 250 people the next month with 7 other cities joining and is now a worldwide movement with meditations in over 200 cities.

The meditation in Santa Barbara starts at 11:11 am & everyone is invited to join, all experience levels, & all spiritual paths.

This meditation movement is consistent with increasing developments in our society where people around the world realize the benefit of seeking for internal peace, balance, and fulfillment.

Research has shown that meditation has a positive effect on our health and that meditating in big groups creates an electro magnetic wave that impacts the world around us.

The vision of MedMob is to continue organizing global flash mob meditations until the entire world is invited to join- literally.

The next coordinated international MedMob will be held on December 22nd, with many cities organizing MedMobs monthly and weekly.

The following link is the link to the Santa Barbara event this Friday:

if you have trouble with that link, try:

Or go to the event MedMob Santa Barbara! on Facebook.

The following link is an international picture album of September’s MedMob:

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