Kathy Bates Don’t Take No One’s Guff

I have enjoyed watching Kathy Bates in each performance over her long and illustrious career.  Most recently, I have been delighted by her character in Harry’s Law.  It is amazing that she has such talent as to make me forget her thoroughly frightening portrayal of a psychopath in Stephen King’s “Misery.”

She has the Perry Mason thing down cold, only with irony and a trenchant cock of the head to keep it…um…interesting. Harry is always on the simmer, ready to boil over at just the right time.  Kinda like me.  *giggle*

I don’t quite have the timing down.

My favorite scene:  Harry was helping a man on death row who was factually innocent. The man was so frightened and skittish after his long ordeal that he had trouble accepting Harry’s help.  He was often rude to her.  After his fourth offense, Harry looked at him.  She then calmly but bluntly gave her judgment, “Screw you, Bill.” Stunned by the effectiveness of this less-lethal epithet, I have adopted this tactic as my own.

Instead of my personal motto: SEZ WHO; henceforth I will prefer the more appropriate-for-all-ages “Who Says?”

I think that Kathy and I would get along.


*When I am feeling polite, my motto is “Who Says?”
“Thank you for your notes!  I just need to dot the eyes and cross the tees.”  Which means, ‘I will do my own goldarned research thank you so kindly anyways.’
NB: I don’t think the man’s name was Bill.  I just can’t remember, and my knee hurts too much to go look it up right now.

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