I Outta Be Dead!

Most of you know about The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, but perhaps not by that name. You may have seen it posted in an office, or on a friend’s wall, or at your doctor’s office.

 The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale is commonly known as Major Life Stressors.

 0-150 You’re cruisin’

 150-300 You’re at some risk for serious illness

 300+ You are at imminent risk for serious illness; here are some practices that may help you lower your stress level.

632 Me

So, the good news is, I am alive and kicking! I am moving to my own place in the East Bay next week. Finally I will be free of having to live with codependent people.

My primary relationship rule, friend or lover: We will hang out together exactly as long as we look forward to seeing one another, and not one moment longer. This protects both of us, but mainly ME, from facing the prospect of enduring the anguish of trying to understand someone else’s passive-aggressive behavior.

There is no bad news.

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