By Doyle Bunn

On Monday night, if he was approached by the 2 scumbags that caused this tragic situation, and if they stated “ You guys have a sound we like, but we don’t have any money to get in”. My friend Scott would have replied,” C’mon Man, I will get you in …..and do you want a beer?” That is Scott Thomas. No, that is not what happened. That is not what went down at all.

I do not intend to glorify these scumbags, however, most scumbags have an alias or an a.k.a. I will assign them their proper street cred, a.k.a. names. We had shooter Demario Demarcus Burris a.k.a. as “dead scumbag”. We also had accomplice Dytavis Hinton a.k.a. “ NFL”, (Not For Long). This statement is no direct or veiled threat. Dytavis has shown himself to be on a path of self destruction. The old adage of “if you play with fire, eventually it will burn”. He has a choice to make, continue on a path of detrimental and predatory behavior and all the consequences that accompany it; or he can devote his life to rectification of past evils. He has a second chance, “NFL”, the choice sits squarely on your soul. Show yourself, your family, and the world that you are able to embrace and respect life. Life is a gift, embrace it everyday.

The fatal error of “dead scumbag” and “NFL” is that they have consistently shown, based on their prior criminal offenses, that they lack judgement and life skills. Monday night September, 20 2010 these disrespectful kids were willing to take honest, hard working peoples lives and livelihoods. They made an egregious error. They chose men who were willing to potentially die on there feet as the men they remain, rather than live on their knees at the feet of tyranny and evil.

Scott Thomas has been described above as the loving and generous person he is and will remain. However, as good as he is to people, he stood up to petty fatalistic thuggery. As strong as his love is, there is the other side. The side of what had to been done. He performed with bravery and honor. He did not contemplate his own safety, he reacted, and rendered the vile perpetrators impotent. He is a grown man, and knows that when confronted by evil, you must meet it at its level. He was wounded. He remains and will heal. He will return to be the strong man he was and continues to be in spite of his physical injury. “The Band” is not comprised of just four musicians. It is a group of thousands and thousands of people who love all the guys. This group of people have rallied around Scott, the families of the affected, and close friends. The ranks of this huge group have tightened. There are no weak links in this chain, there are no chinks in this armor. Love abides in the face of treachery and hate. This group will carry Scott forward and will ensure the future safety of all band and family members. This act has awakened a sleeping giant of people. People that will step forward to ensure that tyranny and evil will receive no quarter amongst us. James Taylor has a song that states “I have seen fire and I have seen rain”. With no disrespect to Mr. Taylor, we too have seen “Fire and Rain”. However, this group is not a bunch of acoustical guitar playing, bongo thumping peaceniks waiting to sing “kum by ya” as a reactionary encore. This group is a sect of hard working, honest, blue collar, rock and roll people. We say what we mean, and we mean what we say. We live by an honest man’s creed and will defend our own when necessary. We love our country, we pray for its restoration of honor among all. We are staunch believers of our 2nd amendment rights that were so righteously granted us by our Founding Fathers. If these perps were to have asked for a fist fight for whatever reason, Scott would have begged them to share a beverage and contemplate the course of their actions, and reflect on their personal similarities, and why it would be unnecessary. If they would have persisted and they had just been an annoyance he would have walked away using a man’s wisdom. If their fist fight request turned into a threat, he would have summoned his Carolina roots, his veteran days as a logger, and just plain good ol’ boy demeanor and STOMPED A MUD HOLE IN THEIR ASS AND WALKED IT DRY.



I love you brother, I ain’t going anywhere.


Durty D

“Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!” Isaiah 6:8

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