From One of Your Voters: Letter to Barack #1

This is me speaking.

I am one of the 52 million people who voted for you, one of the 3 million in your database who contributed small amounts of money to your campaign.

Remember me?

I am writing to make sure I understand our deal. I watched your acceptance speech at Grant Park in Chicago. I watched many of your speeches.

You said together we are going to transform America and the world. Right? We are going to transform not from the top down but from the bottom up. Did I get that right? It is not you who are going to transform America but we. Is that the deal? You are calling for a spirit of service and sacrifice. That’s what I heard.

In a speech to financiers on Wall Street you said the economy has a higher purpose. The higher purpose is that we are all in this together. From time to time we change the rules of the economic game to make the economic machine serve its purpose better. (I read the speech on your website www.barackobama. com) Your Wall Street friends voted for you even though you told them you would raise their taxes. That sent a message.

So –here is my conclusion, my message: I am not supposed to be just watching TV waiting to see whom you will name to cabinet posts. I am supposed to be out on the street transforming my town and neighborhood. Right?

This afternoon I will donate twelve bottles of cooking oil to our neighborhood food pantry. I will talk up cooperation. I will also work on changing our irrigation system from spray to drip (Drip benefits the environment by producing more food with less water.)

I am copying this to lists of transformers. If I am missing something, or if I have misunderstood something, hopefully somebody will set me straight.

Howard R.

Nov. 6, 2008

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