Denial is Not An Economic Recovery Plan

It’s time to DEMAND OUR RIGHTS as citizens and taxpayers. No more privatized solutions to public policy crises! Holy cow! How many economic catastrophes due to deregulation and privatization is the American taxpayer supposed to cure? Now, the Bush administration wants to “privatize” the “cure”.

They say that they do not want to create a new agency to oversee this new bailout. Rather, they want to hire “contractors” who are unaccountable to taxpayers to allegedly straighten out this terrifying market meltdown.

Let me refresh your memory!

Chrysler Bailout 1970s

Savings and Loan Crisis 1980s

Junk Bond Crisis 1990s

Enron/WorldCom Crisis 2000s

Subprime Mortgage Crisis 2000s

Auto Industry Bailout 2008

We are STILL PAYING THE BILLS for these scams. Every time they “deregulate” or “privatize” a function related to the general welfare of US citizens and by extension the rest of the world, a few people rake off Billions of dollars, and we and our progeny pay through the nose.

We can’t have decent schools, decent election systems, or decent social supports for the people who fall on hard times because of these corporate scams.

It’s downright uncivilized, and outright theft of the national public goods. Stop them from “privatizing” again!
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