Sexual Predator 1, Victim 0, three times in a row

by Olivia LaRosa – July 28, 2007

Women are victimized so frequently that everyone views it as normal…something that we should just accept as our womanly duty. I have no womanly duties. I only have duties to the other occupants of this planet.

Now, let me ask you this: since when should a victim be penalized for being victimized twice? Why should my complaint, backed with direct evidence, be ignored? Oh, I get it! Because I had a similar complaint, which I backed with direct evidence, in the recent past. That’s why.

theprofessor20032003 (original post deleted because it made my blog X-rated!) continues to be greeted breathlessly as the crowd awaits his words of wisdom. I asked why theprofessor20032003 was still welcome in this room after he and some horndog friend came into the chatroom and began describing the condition of their sexual organs…to ME.

Room members leapt to the defense of the sexual predator. I was told that it wasn’t any worse than what happened in other rooms. I said, I don’t go to those other rooms, and I have never been subjected to that kind of abuse in this room. I said that I was a particular victim in this instance, and that I was distressed that no one would take up for me. Some friends, in particular omars girl, explained that it was offensive not only to me but to many other women in the room.

I do not visit political chat to be subjected to that kind of abuse. The right wing is abusive enough politically that I need not take more, and especially targeted towards me.

theprofessor20032003 positions himself to be a “liberal” in order to induce trust in his victims. Because he seemed like a sensible man, I opened a chat with him. He first began abusing me in private messaging. He started making graphic sexual suggestions to me. When I told him to stop and ended the chat, he took it into the chatroom…where nobody seemed to mind that he was abusing me.

I was shocked that even regularly sensible men refused to support me and ban the professor20032003 from the chat room where I was, until tonight, an administrator. Many of the women came to support the professor20032003 as well.

One woman said that he should not be convicted on hearsay. I replied, “this is not hearsay. It is direct evidence. Read it for yourself.”

I resign. I know what sexual abuse is, and I know when it is directed at me. I know what a rape victim feels like now… “she was asking for it.”

The people in that room, including admins, knew that a man who had threatened me with a sexually violent death had visited the room a few weeks before. So, since everyone is always making excuses for sexual predators (think of your uncle the child molester), I am sure that they said that I was being oversensitive.

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