Politics Lobby 10: On The Move (From Yahoo)

As I pen this missive, Ann_Coulter2 is in the new Paltalk Room, Politics Lobby 10, talking in her inimitable fascist style. Is it Ann? I don’t know. It seems, she too, is leaning left these days (maybe, we could only hope).

Thanks to thephoenix (sic) there is a more civil place to run this liberal think tank from. This is an administered room where bots from ovrbearing chatters cannot and will not rule the day.

Paltalk is not Yahoo. I has its advantages and is not tweakable (much yet) like Yahelite, Yazak is to yahoo, though there are alternative program add-ons.

This is room is an exodus from politics lobby 10 in yahoo. And a migration to a new vision of a just, honest, and progressive reality.

We all keep each other informed there and try to take the weight of the world off each others shoulders.

The world is watching, we are watching, and trying to make constructive sense of some progressive action that will benefit all.

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