Halliburton moving to Dubai! Congress must stop them!


The criminal organization known as Halliburton is moving its headquarters to Dubai. Halliburton, its entities, and subsidiary companies have been looting American taxpayers blind with no bid contracts for the last six years and longer.

First, Halliburton gets most of its income in the form of government contracts. Halliburton already avoids most taxes by laundering its money through offshore tax havens. Why is Halliburton moving its operations away from the USA? Is it in order to drain the last dollar from American citizens? Halliburton is a vortex, consuming everything in its path.

Second, Halliburton is moving to Dubai, a Muslim country. That does not bother me, but it is sure going to bother Bush’s brainwashed minions, who have been trained to fear all Muslims/Arabs/anyone from the Middle East who doesn’t look Jewish. If Halliburton was concerned about terrorism, they are moving into what the right wing thinks is the seventh circle of Hell.
In the article, someone claimed that Halliburton was not moving its headquarters away for tax purposes. It may be that they have already moved all of their profits offshore already.

The Democratic Party has to reach way down and drum up some pluck and gumption. Congress must take action to freeze Halliburton’s assets and stop paying on those no-bid contracts.

A Halliburton subsidiary, IAP, got the contract from the Bush administration to start running Walter Reed Hospital in January of 2006. IAP ran Walter Reed further into the ground than it always was due to Bush administration cuts. Halliburton itself is responsible for $2.7 Billion in missing funds so far in Iraq.

Stop Halliburton now.

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