Now Here’s a Guy who has it all figured out!

Cenk Uygur, in the Genius of Strength at the Huffington Post, explains the continuing horror of the Bush administration, and the continuing weakness of the Democratic Party response.

“In the 2006 election the American people made it clear that they wanted out of Iraq. They replaced 36 Republicans with Democrats in the House and the Senate, and they didn’t remove a single Democrat. Yes, there were other factors, but overall, the message was a resounding 36-0 drubbing. The Democrats are right, let’s get out of Iraq.

“It’s not working.

“So, what did President Bush do? He decided to put more troops in. Genius. I’ll tell you why.

“Because we’re no longer discussing withdrawal, instead we’re debating escalation. The Bush people changed the playing field by coming over the top of the Democrats. They moved the discussion from one where they were playing defense to one where they are playing offense.

“So, now the Democrats have introduced legislation to discuss, debate and challenge the escalation – and have done absolutely nothing about withdrawal.”

The entire article is awesome. Please send it to your Congresscritter!

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