A Few Words About Trolls

Political Lobby 10 has high standards. Trolls will not be tolerated or encouraged. Their only goal is to disrupt a decent conversation and make trouble among other chatters.

We feel that it is a public service to warn visitors about trolls. They try to mine personal data and often seek to make it public. Many regular room visitors have had this happen to them. Don’t let it be you next!

Most trolls in Room 10 have extreme right wing politics. Some pretend to be liberal, progressive, or left wing for a while, but it soon becomes apparent what their real aims are when they start making assertions they cannot back up with facts. You will find that they are free with personal attacks (ad hominem). This seems to pass for debate in that crowd.

Trolls never met a logical fallacy that they didn’t like. They also never understand word definitions. Trolls will often make you feel as though you need to look up a definition and post it for them.

Don’t fall for the trap! Don’t feed the trolls!

They can’t even think up their own material. An intrepid chatter ventured into their real world, and got a copy of their “Chat Rules” . I scanned the original and posted the text for all to see. Typos and grammatical errors are unedited. If you are one of those who can stomach listening to Rush Limbaugh or Bill O’Reilly, you will find that their comments seem to follow those of their pundits.

The Chat Rules indicate that they get paid for humiliating themselves. How sad to be reduced to lying to make pocket change.

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