Reasons for the pain…

Reasons for the pain

So I can eliminate repetitive explanations about my health, I have created this post. I will explain my physical condition at age 70 this one time. With my constitution and my long-lived family history I might have made it into my 90s.

Good genes R us! One grandmother was 87 when she flew into heaven, and the other grandmother was 91 when the devil came and got her. But sadly, I worked myself like a man. It has caught up with me, for sure. I have damaged this female human body far more than it should have had to bear. I won’t make it into my 90s. So I have to move fast!

Stuff I have done

I designed and helped build two houses. I am a carpenter and maintenance worker. I moved three dozen times for college, law school, and afterwards. I have skills aplenty and love teaching and skill-sharing.

As a Management Trainee at my bank, I traveled to branches far and wide in the Inland Empire. I went to Trona, Ridgecrest, Hemet, Desert Hot Springs, and Cathedral City. I drove to Perris. I drove to Temecula, Palm Springs, and Palm Desert. I drove to 29 Palms, San Bernardino, and Riverside. I had been in 1000 Palms.

Lots of stuff has gone wrong over the years, stories I could tell you yeah and blah blah blah but here is the main reason I am messed up. I was in a serious automobile accident in 1983. Here’s how it happened.


One day, my regional vice-president, a vivacious woman named Gena, picked me up from home with her little Honda Prelude. We headed north on Highway 395, from Riverside, towards Bishop. We were on temporary assignment as bank auditors and Bishop was included in our territory. So up we went. It was January.

We hit snow around Independence. My boss, the driver, did not seem concerned. She continued up the highway, without snow chains, in her little bitty red Honda Prelude. I thought she had studded snow tires. I lived in snow country for 15 years before this, so I thought she was prepared. In the mountains, we all ran studded snow tires in the winter. This will be important information in just a moment.

Back to the story: a 1970 Chevy Van, facing us, moved into our lane. I thought, “Why is that van in our lane?” Then I grabbed the dashboard to brace against the impact. I did not even have time to speak.

She could not steer out of the way of the van because the Honda was uncontrollably sliding up Highway 395. She could not steer the car due to snow and ice and the no-chains condition.

We never had a chance

We never had a chance. The idea that this Chevy Van, a 3,300 # monster headed downhill towards us, was incomprehensible. Felt like the Poseidon Adventure. The vehicles were traveling at an accumulated speed of 65 MPH. At impact, I hit the windshield, the dashboard, the instrument panel, and ended up on the floor of the passenger seat. Injured from head to toe and suffering a catastrophic brain injury.

Over the years, my injuries from the MVA have deteriorated bones, cartilage, and nerve circuits. I am totally disabled. Because of my strong desire to retain my ability to walk, I have pursued pain management treatments and attended pain management classes. I am headed to Stanford for another pain clinic that will last for 6 months. It’s online. It’s a miracle.

I never had a chance. My boss, the driver of the car, was convinced I was a bad luck charm.

My husband was too busy to fetch me from the back of the large barge that had carried me from Bishop to Riverside (big ol’ Cadillac.) He was watching ‘the game.’

All I wanted to do was to get home to my family. I started to cry. I begged him to come get me. I asked him to stop for a burrito at Del Taco. I was starving! I had not eaten all day, and had no lunch or dinner the day before, cuz in the ER. The answer was no. No food for me.

Once I got home, I thought my husband and kids would help me take care of myself. I finally got my burrito an hour after I got home.

It was sorta downhill from there, kinda

It was all downhill from there. I could not walk, cook, or clean for 6 weeks.

I got Campbell’s vegetable soup for dinner.

Whoops, back uphill!

15 years later, I went back to college full time, graduated with honors and distinction in the major. My professors encouraged me to go to law school. I was accepted at UC Hastings College of the Law when I was 50 and graduated with my class as a Percy Towne Scholar, with a Public Interest Certificate, in 2004.

In 2016, I earned an LL.M. (post-law degree) in International Taxation and Financial Services.

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