Gather at your city halls tomorrow. Let’s count the votes in every town and community: The Electoral College will create catastrophe. Say No Way.

The only profoundly true thing that DT said during the campaign is,”The vote is rigged.” Indeed it was. What the heck is this about an Electoral College; the institution that has now shoved TWO deeply unqualified men into the White House in the last 16 years.

People say I’m crazy and wonder what I’m doin…well, I am demonstrating that a recount of all of the votes CAN and MUST be done.

Please be sure that I am not a partisan for Hillary Clinton. I don’t care as much about who gets the vote as how the vote was manipulated. (3)

Not many people have been able to observe a vote count. I have. I volunteered to be a witness at a vote count for the City of Half Moon Bay in November 2006. (*) We, members of the Democratic Club, and members of the public from all political viewpoints were called upon to witness the count. We traveled to the County Registrar of Voters Office in San Mateo on our own dime. We worked in shifts. Everyone in the room saw the count, and heard the arguments for and against counting that vote as for or against a person or issue.

Everyone was able to object and give the reason for their objection. It was well-documented recount.

This can happen in every town in the US. We do not need to vote again. We just need to count every vote. Neither party has been enthusiastic about a recount. I am so embarrassed that the world is seeing how corrupt Americans are. We seem to have no honor to uphold.

I am reading the newspapers of record in the USA, trying in vain to find someone who is going to stop this election theft. When Obama said, “We did not want to mess up the vote counting,” he means the vote rigging.

WASHINGTON — President Obama said for the first time on Friday that he had held back from retaliating against Russia’s meddling in the presidential race for fear of inciting further hacking “that could hamper vote counting.”

He meant vote-rigging.

But he said he was weighing a mix of public and covert actions against the Russians in his last 34 days in office, actions that would increase “the costs for them.”1

We do not care what you think you need to do to Russia. For the American people, you need to do something that will save our country.

Stop the Electoral College vote. It’s so skewed to the right that we will end up with a failed country if they are allowed to grab power.

Count all the votes. Count all of them by hand. Other countries do it. And don’t tell me that there are too many people to count by hand. We have a lot of people who can count all those ballots. Have three levels of personal verification, plus multiple video and audio backup.

It won’t cost much. People will volunteer.

No more electoral college. It is an 18th Century tool that broke a long time ago. It was developed before the Industrial Age; before universal literacy. Public schools brought us universal literacy. They are bad how remind me now?

Please save this link for reference. I will update.


Deborah Lagutaris is a political scientist. She holds degrees from UC Santa Barbara in Law and Society, J.D. from UC Hastings College of the Law, and LL.M. in International Taxation and Financial Services with an emphasis in Wealth Management from Thomas Jefferson School of Law. 

  1. Save HMB, Smart Voter San Mateo County Ballot from Smart Voter, a nonpartisan organization. .
  2. New York Times. Obama on Russian vote-hacking. 
  3. I saw the Clinton campaign massage the message and steal votes during the primary in myriad ways. That makes it easy to spot when it happens in the General Election.

UPDATE: “We were playing this thing straight — we weren’t trying to advantage one side or the other,” Mr. Obama said. “Imagine if we had done the opposite. It would have become one more political scrum.”

Heaven forbid we offend the opposition. 

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