The Chicken or the Egg; or is it just chickens coming home to roost?

According to the Wall Street Journal, Some of the world’s top hedge-fund managers are worried.

They say central bank bond buying programmes that are pumping trillions of dollars into global markets will end badly. The European Central Bank said on Thursday it would extend its asset purchase programme to the end of next year, buying bonds at a reduced rate. But prominent managers have expressed doubts about the endgame for QE.

Oh really. Say what you mean, for the love of glory. “Expressing doubt about the endgame for QE,” is more correctly phrased as, “I don’t know how much longer we can print money and pour it into buying our own governments’ bonds without having devastating inflation. Because, after all, that’s how we got to a blow-out global economic crash in 2008. Thank you for giving us another chance to steal everyone blind before we take our money and run again.”

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