Richard G. Strauch: Aging in place (The Democratic leadership)

Wherein Mr. Strauch reminds us that the Democratic leadership in the House of Representatives are in their mid-to-late 70s. Aging in Place, very clever.

I always thought well of Barbara Boxer. She spoke at a gathering of progressive lawyers and law students, a three-day weekend called the Grillo Retreat. I felt like she was in my corner, an inspired politician.

I found out how wrong I was when I saw the same Barbara Boxer flip off Nevada delegates who supported Bernie when they protested the breach of procedure that silenced them. Boxer performed not just a flip-off, but a double two-handed flip off with a squat. They stole our voices, then pretended nothing had happened. They think we didn’t notice. But we saw what they did. The press was paid to look away but even so the word got out.

Funny, just a few moments ago I saw a picture of Nancy Pelosi. I swear she has had cheek implants. People were starting to say she looked too old to be on the Hill.

Boxer retires at the end of this term. Maybe she had been wanting to flip us off for quite a while.

We don’t need the fossilized thinking of the corporate Democratic or Republican Parties. Neither one of them are worth a damn. Dianne Feinstein, our other Senator, is in her mid 80s; a serious millionaire, among the top 5 wealthiest Senators. Time for them to go!

It’s not like they are running an exclusive club. Wait! They are. And your vote does not count. Not at all. They can make the election look any way they want now and expect us to quietly come along.

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