Why are we heading back into global war? We can’t afford it. People are sick of it.

by Olivia LaRosa

Submitted to The New York Times, from San Francisco

Nearing the end of my life, I find myself appalled that someone like Donald Trump has a 50/50 chance of being the President of the United States. As a child of the 1950s, I dutifully ducked and covered while doing my best to expand my community horizons to those who did not live in my neighborhood and did not look like me. They said that we were on the path to putting human rights above corporate rights, and I supported them. We had Black, Latino, and Jewish kids in my 2nd grade class. They were just like me. None of them were like Trump and his ilk, I find it amazing that the world has forgotten the lessons we so expensively and painfully learned during WWII and its aftermath. Now, war circles the globe. Peace is inadequately funded. Let’s change that part, at least, OK?

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