Notes of Note – July 2016

Iranian city hits 154 degrees. Let’s get those people out of there! Until I read this article, I did not understand that the weather in the Middle East was humid. OMG. 91% dewpoint. Horrifying.

Sanders supporters take legal action against Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

“She will say anything and change nothing.” – Barack Obama, speaking of Hillary Clinton in 2008.

Clinton climate change plan avoids carbon tax.

Bernie may have won California

WARNING: Stay away from “Bernie’s Dank Meme Stash.” The owner is making people pay to post. Horrid.

Bernie Sanders supporters ask Manhattan judge to invalidate Gov. Cuomo as chair of NY state convention delegation

In court papers, a group of supporters said that Cuomo’s election to the post on at a party meeting on June 21 violated the state election law because Michael Reich, counsel to the state party, “bulldozed” Cuomo’s nomination and election by calling for a vote by acclimation instead of counting ballots.

Their attorney, Arthur Schwartz, said the room was full of non-delegates and the state committee members running the meeting who were afraid that Cuomo would lose a vote count.

He said the vote would have been just symbolic because supporters of Sanders and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton agreed before the meeting that Cuomo would have no opposition.

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