Had it with hucksters

This here is why feminism has a bad rap. People like Gloria Steinem and Nicholas Kristof support a poser like Ruchira Gupta. Gupta is victimizing adult sex workers in her crazed zealot’s campaign to stop all sex work. Gupta’s hucksterism has yielded a Clinton Global Citizen Award in 2009 and an honorary degree from Smith College.

Yes, that Clinton. She is probably sick of us calling her on her BS but too bad.

People have rational reasons to choose sex work, believe it or not. The children who are victimized and enslaved for sex work: these are the ones we want to help.

These child slaves and adult sex workers are two separate populations and the social recognition of that fact will cut the HIV transmission rate in half.

This article explores the vacuousness of the prostitution abolition movement. After Amnesty International approved a policy in support of legalization of sex work, Gupta and her ilk went mad.

Here’s a snip of the article:

Steinem’s guide in Sonagachi, and during part of her 2014 trip, was Ruchira Gupta, an Indian former journalist who founded a group called Apne Aap, which tries to help women leave sex work and has helped the police raid brothels. Gupta has strong ties with American abolitionists. She received funding from the State Department during the Bush administration, won a Clinton Global Citizen Award in 2009 and is scheduled to receive an honorary degree from Smith College this month. Steinem is on Apne Aap’s advisory board. Nicholas Kristof, an opinion columnist for The New York Times who has gone on brothel raids (including one in Cambodia that he live-tweeted), has called Gupta a “brilliant social entrepreneur.”

Kristof “live-tweeted” the debate. Kinda makes me ill to think about.

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