Why the primary system is bad for democracy

Jim Mastin I live in Indiana. During the 2008 Presidential Primary, I had planned on casting my Primary Vote for Dennis Kucinich for the Democratic Nomination …But, Because of the way the process is currently structured …with the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primaries …Barack Obama had became the Democratic Nominee…before Indiana was even allowed to cast its ballets in the Primary. This needs to be changed but, until it is…Don’t be surprised if Hillary walks away with the Democratic Nomination before some (at least Indiana, probably other states) are even permitted to cast a Ballet. This is Really going to Suck.! I really want to vote for Bernie…But, this is a Very Important Election that could garner 2 to 3 Supreme Court Justice picks for the next POTUS. I definitely don’t want to see a Republican make these picks. This will Really be a Bitter Pill to Swallow if I’m forced to place my vote for Hillary. It was Easier voting for Obama in ’08 than this will be…But, it still sucks that I’m not even given a choice. When I vote…Dutifully and Faithfully…only to have a candidate, not of my choosing, being my only given option. This isn’t what Democracy Looks Like.! I may just end up “Writing Bernie In” Instead of Accepting Another Candidate That Is Ordained By Others.! (Ready to be Really Pissed off in Indiana Again)! ……….This picture is Why We Need Bernie………….

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