4th Dem Debate: Sneaky bipartisan bill cause for Bernie’s vote on financial instruments of mass destruction

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In the Sunday night debate, Hillary said that Bernie was the only one on the stage who voted for a bill that allowed derivatives and credit swaps to be traded in secret. True, on its face. So why I am writing about this?

A. Because Bernie was the only one capable of casting a vote in the Senate at that moment in time. Hillary was the First Lady, Martin O’Malley was doing something for Maryland.

B. The bill at hand did not contain the elements that permitted derivatives and credit swaps to be traded in secret. At the last minute, Bill Clinton agreed with Sen. Phil Gramm (R) Texas to add those elements onto an omnibus budget bill. By the way, omnibus means it was it was a huge bill packed with unrelated riders and had to be passed as presented.

C. The ability to trade derivatives and credit swaps in secret constitutes the biggest gamble that Wall Street types have ever taken.

D. Which led directly to the Great Recession.

E. We will never recuperate from those losses, or the unspeakable damage done to the fabric of American, and yes global society.

(I will never forget the expressions that crossed O’Malley’s face when Lester Holt asked him for a 30-second closing statement. Priceless. I like him.)

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Hillary Blames Bernie for an Old Clintonite Hustle, and That’s a Rotten Shame

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via at olivialarosa.com

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