Bloviating Buchanan Rises Again: or is it could it be DANA CARVEY’S GRUMPY OLD MAN?

Braden dodges questions then wonders why people don’t believe politicians.

But Buchanan was more prepared to talk about the Iran deal and why he is opposed.

Having taken a symbolic vote against the Iran deal on Friday, Buchanan explained to residents why he was against it, referring to a meeting he had with the prime minister of Israel and the minister of defense of Saudia Arabia.

“Both of them said, ‘This is a horrible deal,’ in fact the prime minister of Israel said historically this is one of the worst deals you could possibly ever do,” Buchanan said. “You don’t always necessarily get what you want, but to cut a deal with someone you don’t trust … if you can’t trust the person on the other side, if you can’t trust Iran, it’s not worth the paper it’s written on.”

Look me straight in the eye and tell me you don’t want me. Then I will know what to do.¬†

Only one or two of these sentences have a subject and an object, or a subject and object whether or not they agree.

Help me out here. So Buchanan took a meeting with Binky and Barky and all of um said not to trust the udda guy so it was a bad deal, see? Which really meant they hadn’t gotten their vigorish, know what I mean? They didn’t get their beak wet.

This is why we need a civil service. People who are paid a living wage tend to be more stable and better members of a community. When too many people start moving around, the entire neighborhood is disrupted. Someone figure that out for me, please. The tipping point, as it were.

I think we are at another tipping point. The parodies and caricatures of the right and left are mere puppet theatre.

Our children should be able to reach higher than we. We regard it as our charge. If our child chooses another path to joy, we want to be there too.

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